Surrounded by pregnant women.

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Studying and working in a hospital/medical environment for the last 20 years has me used to the female milieu such settings manifest. However, nothing really had me prepared for being in a room with over 30 rotund ladies rubbing their swollen abdomens and resting their elevated legs on unattended chairs like a gang of unruly teenagers.

I wouldn’t want to give you the impression mine was the only Y chromosome in the room – three other husbands were in attendance. We certainly were educated in the delights of nutrition and the minor ailments of pregnancy. As the mums-to-be muttered and nodded their ascent to midwife Beatrice’s points, it was obvious that I was an outsider to this club. It was good to be along and for Denise to know I am with her in this venture, but it strikes me again that God has made men and women differently, and having babies is something men aren’t built for! It was particularly terrifying when the maternity rep was demonstrating various obscure breast feeding blouses – maternal overload for me.

It is great to have a wife content to put up with a dancing abdomen, sleepless nights and increasingly having to adopt a waddling gait. The best of it is that she can continue to look good and retain great humour through it all.

We’re due in the middle of April, so any prayers gratefully appreciated for Denise as she continues to teach at the nursing school meantime, and wisdom for when it is time to stop teaching and rest.

Hospital life has busy in the last month. Busy wards everywhere and a shortage of doctors has stretched us all. Thankfully the wards aren’t just so busy now, and so I’m getting caught up with some paperwork again.

The pastor’s conference went very well – one week in Kiwoko, and another at Bweyale 3 hours North of us. The enthusiasm of church leaders to develop skills in leading Bible studies and looking after their congregations are an encouragement to the mission team who worked very hard making sure the practical arrangements for transporting and feeding 700 people went ok.

Better go.
Lots of love

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