What's in a name...

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The Dromore Cathedral and Movilla Abbey team arrived in Maridi on 19th Januray. It was a special day for the Dean of Maridi Cathedral as well as the Dean of Dromore Cathedral. We actually did not find out quite why until the following morning…

Warnock Edmund and June Richardson from Movilla Abbey had brought gifts of a number of baby quilts and they were keen to give them as gifts to families with you babies. So when June enquired who could they give them too, the Bishop informed her of a new born baby the previous day. “The baby is close by in the Deans house beside the Cathedral”, he informed us.

Off June and I went to visit Mother and baby, I was particularly interested because my son had a new son born in November and I had attended his Christening 2 days before I left for Sudan. He was a beautiful baby boy with, as yet, no name. June handed over the quilt to his mother and, as far as we were concerned that was the first quilt delivered and the end of the story.

However, later that morning we met the Dean at the Pastor’s Workshop at Chaima Institute and during our tea break he announced that he had decided to name his son David in honour of the leader of the visiting team from Northern Ireland.

That’s certainly one to tell my Grandchildren.

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