Why, why?

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Well I had started this blog in Dhangadhi Aiport, but we got various messages about delays and on-time arrival…anyway, at the airport we settled in the cafe, which is a bit of a shack outside under the grove of tropical trees, serving tea, coffee, noodles and biscuits.

Noodles were introduced under the brand name Wai Wai some years ago and now there are loads of copy cats – even a friend in the US commented that they are called KinaKina there – Kina = why in Nepali, so that was original! (maybe he was winding me up, a Nepali export of noodles to USA? lol) Well the wai wais were great and off we went in the Yeti Airlines to Kathmandu. We had to wait around while a Cabinet Minister was allowed on to the plane first…and off again. The journey cannot be said to have been without excitement, not because we had a Cabinet Minister on board, or that we got a free drink and some nuts, no, the Himalaya were just fantastic. I guess it is because when we fly from Dhangadhi we have to sort of fly around the corner of the Himal, so we get quite close. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna were stunning and in between we could see the Kali Gandaki valley were we used to live in Tatopani. Look out for photos on Mark’s Facebook page when he can find a wifi zone with enough bandwidth to upload them.

In the taxi on the way home we were reminded how things have changed over the years. We had a very nice taxi driver who when he found out we had been out here for years, talked about all sorts of things and I introduced faith to the conversation. He commented that it used to be so difficult for Christians, some being put in jail and not being allowed to share faith – but now it is so open he commented. SO naturally it lead to a challenge to him to go and find out for himself. Amazing the opportunities the Lord gives to share and nudge people towards the Kingdom.

Well, Mark spent an hour or so de-briefing back at the office about his ‘constructive’ findings, then we went out, in darkness – the power cut was on – to buy milk and bread, then up to find a new restaurant we had been told about – yes, Pizza Hut has arrived in Nepal! and it is rather amazing. It was so encouraging to see Nepali staff working so hard and giving a high level of service – as opposed to going in to a regular villagy tea shop where one does not have to order, the only thing you can get is Dal Bhat, which can be plonked in front of you to gobble up.

So we are off to Nepali church in the morning, then will start to pack up our flat here in Kathmandu.

We found a house in DD, had a good visit to the Hospital, met old friends, made new ones, Ali helped in the maternity ward and served some ladies with difficult and traumatic problems…..a lady in a coma with post partum eclampsia(quite a rare thing)…another with a premie baby, 32 wks at 1.65kg, mum is expressing milk and giving 1ml per hour, baby in an incubator kept warm with a 100W bulb and a hair dryer…another lady who tried to deliver at a health post out in the hills, the baby wasn’t coming and the health worker put a vacuum on to help delivery, but it was a face presentation and the vacuum cup was on the face…mercifully the baby was delivered well, but the lady’s uterus ruptured and she was brought here and had a hysterectomy, she was not well as you can imagine, but was pulling through as we left, and the premie bably was out of the incubator with a smiling Mum. The staff are doing a sterling job with limited resources, thankfully God is good and has worked through them with his love.


Alastair Donaldson said Tue, 23 Mar 2010 02:54PM
Hi Mark and Ali, You look to be in the thick of it already. Glad you guys are being used as ever for God's kingdom and you are both in my prayers for everything you do. All the best for all your new experiences and I'll be thinking of you both, God Bless, Alastair
Mark Gill said Sun, 11 Apr 2010 11:59AM
Hey Alastair, thanks very much. Hope indeed that you are engaging in the Kingdom there and that you are also seeing the Lord Jesus at work there.

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