Shyam, Anu, Lal, Vinod, Arjun, Tan, Iyam, Ona, Neeru

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Holy Week services started for us on Maundy Thursday with a Seder Meal at KICC – the expat church here. It was great to be reminded of the great meaning behind the Lord’s Supper which helped us understand the depth of God’s Love for us.

Good Friday services started at 3pm at a Nepali Church Fellowship, we sang a lot of salvation songs and meditated on The Passion of our Lord Jesus. We went on to KICC service and there we were brought through the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross, movingly shared by Pastor Rendell.

Well, Easter day started early at many sunrise services at 5:30 – but ours the church fellowship started at 7, early enough says you and me…still great to share in vibrant worship and after to share breakfast of boiled eggs and samosa with a nice cup of tea.

Ali and I had passed many parades of Christians marching up to the centre of Kathmandu, banners waving, songs singing, drums drumming – now we went up to the Kulla Manch – the open parade ground commonly used for rallies – and joined about 20,000 others in praise and worship. It was hot, the organisers had provided free water, leaflets/tracks were fluttering everywhere, tied to balloons, posted under the wipers of parked cars…sound familiar?

Well it was great…but we had to move on to the next KICC service, sure we arrived late, but it was worth it to see and experience the Kulla Manch Rally. This is a special anniversary for it – 20 years since the first rally was held in Kathmandu immediately after the King Birendra resolved to allow multi-party democracy in 1990. We remember the banners and flags then proclaiming the good news of Jesus for all – the same message is broadcast today, but today, 20 years later, the Kingdom has grown tremendously.

We met with some of the new colleagues we will be living with in Dadeldhura and went out to lunch together in one of the local hotels.

Very hot, very nice and very blessed.

Throughout the weekend we had met many people who had been blessed by Jesus, healed, transformed, growing, maturing, learning. Some of the names we are familiar with are in the title of this blog…did you spot what the initials spell?

Today, Salvation is offered to everyone in the name of Jesus Christ! Your name is there too, just believe.