Jesus is alive healing and delivering people!

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Greetings from Bujumbura. I hope this finds you well and that you have a great celebration of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection this Easter. He is alive and He is working in power around the world!

Last month I had the privilege of spending 2 weeks working with a team of 12 from Flame Interna-tional ( It was so encouraging to see God do deep works of healing in people’s lives. The team life was a great blessing too: with special fellowship and unity.

We spent a week each at 2 Anglican Dioceses: Buye and Matana doing a trauma healing confer-ence, with 2/3 Anglican pastors, 1/3 other denomi-nations ~ 100 pastors total. I enjoyed teaching on belief systems and reconciliation and learnt a lt listening to the other talks.

After 3 days of teaching, the delegates were put into groups of 8, learnt prayer ministry skills and received personal ministry. God did more than we asked for could have imagined! One lady in leader-ship at Matana described how she had suffered so much during her life and felt her heart was all over the place but at the conference felt God had put her heart back together.

Later during the groups, something really beautiful happened. A Hutu pastor shared how he had suffered so much with many of his family being killed by Tutsis. A Tutsi pastor in his group told him he was so sorry for what had happened and asked him to forgive Tutsis. The Hutu guy then said he forgave Tutsis and asked the Tutsi guy to forgive Hutus for what they had done. He did and they then tearfully embraced each other.

Bernard, the Anglican Archbishop was blessed by the teaching and has agreed for Flame to return in November to go to Gitega and Makamba Dio-ceses and then next spring to Bujumbura and Muyinga Dioceses which will cover each of the 6 Anglican Dio-ceses. We are also plan-ning follow-up and are meeting on Fri 9 April with him to discuss.

Training this month and a new camera

This month I’m spending more time developing trauma healing training ma-terials. On 21-23, I’m co-leading a training in Kanyo-sha, Bujumbura (in the Church where I worship) for around 10 pastors from different denominations with my colleague Cyrille from Harvest for Christ.

Sadly last month my camera was knocked and fell on the floor, breaking the viewing panel. There is no other way of seeing what picture I’m taking so it is very diffi-cult to take pictures which I could do with some more of before my talks this sum-mer!! I would love to buy a new one if possible. I have a friend coming from UK in mid April who could bring it back if I order it. If you’d like to contribute to me buy-ing a new one could you let me know how much you’d be able to give by 12th April so I can then order a new one? Thank you so much.

Prayer Points

- Pray for strength and anointing for me as I deliver training and prepare for future confer-ences until end May months, before return-ing to UK for 2 months.

- Continue praying for peaceful and fair elections as they approach – the first on 21 May.

- Praise that my brother has now returned home safely from Afghanistan. Pray for him to adjust and as he prepares to marry on 5 June.

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