Denise on antenatal care Kiwoko Style

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Any day now…

Well my D- Day (Delivery day) is estimated to be Sunday the 11th April. I can’t believe where the last nine months has disappeared to all of a sudden. It will be great to get my body temperature under some sort of control again as I feel like I have been hot for months now. It will be so great to be able to turn over in bed easily or just lie on my back (sorry Rory, your snoring wife will make a reappearance!) and be able to do more again rather than just waddle about the house. In saying all that I have had an uneventful pregnancy in the best sense of the word and I am so thankful to God for that.

I had my last antenatal appointment this week in Kiwoko. Not that I am biased, but I have been so impressed by the antenatal care that the hospital has provided here. I have been cared for in a very thorough and professional manner. Sister Joanne took both my hands in hers at the end of the appointment and prayed with me. I think she covered just about every aspect of the delivery and beginnings of parenthood for Rory and I. It was so affirming, reassuring and comforting. I left the antenatal clinic with a real spring in my step feeling like I had really been cared for on every conceivable level.

I was reflecting on the fact that for Sr Joanne to pray with me came as second nature, there was no hesitation or concern that I would be offended or indeed that I would refuse her. However I know that in the UK she would have been dragged through various disciplinary committees and dear knows what else if she had even mentioned God never mind actually prayed with a client.

In class when I have been teaching, we discuss the nursing care required for patients and part of that care is health education, teaching patients about their condition etc and sometimes on the life style changes that are required to prevent further episodes in future. In some conditions that we look at, inevitably a student will offer an answer that involves preaching the gospel to the patient and advising him/her to repent and accept Christ as a basis for the life style changes that are needed. I have told the students that when they qualify if they work in the West they will not be able to practise this as it may cause offence to the patient/client and indeed get them into trouble with the hospital, Trust and professional nursing body. The students look at me in disbelief and laugh at how ridiculous I sound. Faith is so integrated into care here, it is difficult to try and separate them.

When Sr Joanne prayed for me I was reminded of the great spiritual freedom that Uganda still enjoys – long may it continue, and sadly just how far the West has drifted away from its Christian heritage.

I had thought that I would deliver in Kampala, but as time has gone on I feel like I will be more comfortable in Kiwoko, surrounded by the prayers and love of the community here that know us. Rory will be well supported too I have no doubt. We have had so many promises of prayer that I wonder if I will feel any pain at all!! I wish!! Thank you to all who have covered us this far in prayer – please continue.

We look forward to giving you a big update in the next week.

Lots of love


elaine elborn said Wed, 14 Apr 2010 08:09PM
we wait with you denise and rory--God be close to you three with love stuart and elaine

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