Let's hear it for the Goat!

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Bunny Rabbits get all the main headlines at this Easter time but the humble Goat gets barely a mention! Here in Kajiado at the moment it’s all about Goats!

On Easter Monday we went to a Community called Emarti to give out a mixture of Goats and Sheep to twenty of the most vulnerable households in that area. Each family received a total of three animals that will help them to start developing their herds again after the terrible suffering they faced during the recent drought and famine. The problem is of course, who are the ones to receive the Goats, and how are they chosen? This is always a difficult issue because as soon as you select one family then you have immediately rejected another. The task of selection therefore lies firmly in the hands of the community themselves. We help to select a committee of the recognised local leaders and they sit and deliberate about who should be the recipients of this support. On the day of distribution then we simply use the list of names and so everyone is satisfied with the process. Even when purchasing the Goats from the market we involve the local Committee so that the Goats selected are the ones they think will do best in their area. We make sure that it is the most needy in the community that are helped regardless of their church affiliation – or even if they attend church or not, so that an even spread across the whole community is achieved.

So, we arrive at the distribution area – the local Church – and everybody is already there, and there is much anticipation about what will take place. First, there are words of welcome, prayers from Church leaders, songs from the choir and then it’s down to business.

We keep a record of everyone who receives Goats so that in years to come if the same situation arises again then we know who received this time around.

The names are called, they come forward and three animals are selected at random from the herd, the recipient signs – or makes their mark – and off they go! As a way of giving thanks, each family has agreed to bring the first-born kid to their Church as an offering.

One lady called Jennifer told me that as she had lost her husband a few years ago it has been extremely hard to just survive. The drought completely devastated her remaining few animals and she was at a loss to know what to do. When she heard about the proposed distribution of animals through the Anglican Church she took no notice as she was not a member of that church and assumed that she would not be called up. Imagine her genuine surprise when she was told to be at the church on Easter Monday – and bring a long rope – and by the time it was all over she went home with three healthy animals to begin her herd again – now there is a happy bunny!


Victoria Harrison said Fri, 21 May 2010 01:27PM
Keep up the good work - I can just imagine their faces when they got these animals. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you are well - greetings to everyone in Kajiado Victoria

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