40 days of prayer for Nepal

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The Church of Nepal takes seriously prayer for the nation. Check out this website for this 40 days of prayer at www.prayerfornepal.org

Here is a format you can use in your prayer groups, bible study groups, home groups, church or private devotions…

40 DAYS OF GLOBAL PRAYER FOR NEPAL – April 14th – May 23rd 2010


1.Start with the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth and as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. [For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever]. Amen.

2. Praise and thanksgiving for all His phenomenonal and wondrous works in Nepal and the Nepali Church. (Gospel penetration in 1950s, Explosion of rapid church growth since then, ceasefire of over 10 years of internal war, declaration of secular nation, Christmas declared and recognized as a national holiday, peaceful election of the constitution assembly and subsequent royal transition, declaration of democratic republic nation, etc.) Christian organizations have been recognized and registered with the Nepal Government. Continuous church growth and prayer movement for the nation going on within and beyond the country.

3. Pray Against the Strongholds of Spiritual Forces.

4.Prayer of Repentance (Repent on behalf of the nation for any sins committed against God).

5.Prayer for the Nation:

• Successful completion and implementation of new Nepal constitution in time and formation of new, stable and corruptionless Government.
• For permanent peace, reconciliation and prosperity.
• For President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Defense and Security Forces, Civil Society for their wisdom, unity and harmony.

6. Pray for the Nepali Church:
• For their unity, passion for prayer and spiritual revival in the country.
• Declaration of secular nation and religious freedom may last forever.
• Against the negative influence of cult and false teachings.
• Faithfulness and integrity of churches, organizations and Christian leaders.
• Against the spirit of division and conflicts in the Nepali Church and local churches.

7. Pray for the social problems:
• For against the anti-social activities – corruption, crimes, injustice, oppression, theft and adultery, women trafficking, etc.
• For God’s intervention and control over the natural disasters and calamities and proper rehabilitation of the victims.
• For the Nepali young people for their employment opportunities, that they may turn from drug-addiction, unsocial activities and be engaged in productive activities.

8.Pray for the Gospel and Church Growth across the nation and revival:
• For the Gospel and a forest fire of prayer to sweep across the nation.
• Church is the hope of the nation. Pray that there may be one church and one trained leader in each village and community.
• For evangelism and church growth among the Nepali diaspora.
• May the Himalayan nation of Nepal, the highest place of the world give highest glory to the highest God.
• May the country of Nepal become a nation of prayer and true righteousness
• For God’s blessing to flow from the highest land of the world to the rest of the world.

9.Pray for Other Countries:
• For the countries struggling for peace. Pray against the spirit of global terrorism and conflicts in the world.
• For the countries where the Gospel is forbidden and church growth is slow
• For peace in Jerusalem
• For security and needs of the missionaries from across the world who are serving in Nepal.

10._Declare and Claim_ God’s Promise in Isaiah 60: 18 – 22 over Nepal.

Note: Please register at the Prayer For Nepal website (you, your Church, Organization) to join at least one day of 40 Days of Chain Prayer and Fasting from April 14th to May 23rd 2010.


Bibek Thapa said Thu, 27 May 2010 12:07PM
Thankyou very much for the initiative for our nation,i am really thankful to CMS ireland. Yeah i am also in fourty days fasting for nepal but i knew this fasting a bit later so my fasting days are still to go till next week. Really thankyou all and specially to Mark dai and Ali didi,may god bless you there in nepal as he is blessing me over here.Well lastly thankyou very much for helping us to bring kingdom of god in our country.May god bless you more and your other ministries.Thanks CMS.god bless you

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