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Visitors often ask me what is my typical day….I don’t really have one, but let me try.

I was up before 7am for a wash in the dawn light – as I don’t usually shave, exact lighting conditions are not completely critical. Thence breakfast of pineapple and watermelon (with some yogurt as we’ve been to Kampala recently)while downloading emails which came in last night – nothing needing urgent attention so off to the ward for a ward round. Ward not so busy this morning – just a few serious cases all slowly improving – an elderly gentleman with severe dehydration from gastroenteritis, a young lad given an overdose of Chlorpromazine injection (for vomiting!) at another health unit who is waking up after being unconscious for 24 hrs, and a young girl with infection of her heart valves.

At morning worship for hospital staff we are working our way through the book of Luke. This morning Dr James was sharing. Occasional interjections from a local lady with mental health problems helped to keep him on his toes and lighten up his delivery somewhat!

Daily Doctor’s meeting happens at 9am. A handover from the person on call overnight, this time however Dr Leonard has been caught up with a case in theatre so has sent a handwritten note in lieu of himself. After discussing a few difficult cases from our wards we head off to the weekly HIV clinic and our ward duties.

On my way to review some patients on male ward, our HIV manager, Godfrey catches me. We have a visitor from the CDC laboratory in Entebbe who do our CD4 counts (a blood test which monitors HIV severity.) It is most unusual for any such visitors to make appointments, so their unannounced arrival is common place. We discuss some areas of mutual concern – not least complete failure of the newborn HIV testing (PCR) performed by a unit supported by CDC. I leave the meeting briefly to try and find Daniel our lab in-charge to see if he can join our meeting.

A man approaches me on my way to the lab to find Daniel. This man asks me something I can’t quite understand so I ask him to repeat it. Pointing to the large coal sack on his bicycle he asks if I wanted to buy a python. I regretfully explain that my wife would divorce me if I brought a python home and continue on my quest for Daniel. Our meeting finishes and I attend to a few patients with TB. I’m late for lunch and scurry home to my patient wife.

Afternoons can be a bit more controlled at times. Today is management meeting – a more or less fortnightly meeting of some of the management team to discuss issues of common concern, or issues stretching hospital policy where clarification is required. Today’s issues include our upcoming grand opening ceremony of the new maternity building, a student who has missed several months class due to health problems, and some anticipated staff changes.

The meeting finished at 4.30 pm so some time to do a few things before my night on call starting at 5pm. It’s been a busy enough call. Some tricky maternity cases needing surgical intervention – sadly including one mother who’s womb ruptured before arriving here as she took so long before being referred for a caesarean section. She was very weak on arrival, but although her baby had already died, we have saved her life and hopefully she will have a further successful pregnancy in the future.

It’s now 5am so off to bed methinks.

Oh – and if you’re wondering, Denise is still fast asleep and large and waiting… but still in great form all in all.


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