Bujumbura, Bubanza, Brockley and Belfast

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My Church in London once said they felt I was called to places beginning with ‘B’! I trust you are well. Last month I asked if anyone could help me buy another camera as mine is broken and wonderfully within hours of sending the email the money had come through! Thanks so much.

I had to put down my lovely dog, Sammy on advice from a visiting English vet. He had been very poorly but it was still very sad. He also helped as a ‘guard’ and a number of guys on the street have been asking our workers where he is so please pray protection over my house.

This month Cyrille and I are doing pastors’ training in Bubanza, a Province I’ve not visited before which was a real FNL – former rebel group – stronghold.

I am so looking forward to returning to the UK at the end of the month to share in churches, see family, friends and supporters, have meetings etc in June and July. The key places where I’m preaching / doing talks in June are below. (In my June prayer letter I will print the key dates for July talks.) Please pray for these talks and do come:

Tues 8 June 8 pm: Being and Doing Home Gp, Brockley Community Church, SE4 1HQ

Sat 12 June am Self Acceptance talk , Transformed Lives Course, London

Sun 13 June 10 am St Wilfrid’s, Horley RH6 8DF;

Tues 22 June 7 pm HTB Harpur Pastorate, Church House, HTB SW7 1JA

Fri 25 June 2.30 pm Rustington Church Hall, BN16 3NL

Sun 27 June 9.15 & 11 am St Margaret’s, Angmering BN16 4JS

Tues 29 June, 7.30 pm CMS Ireland Mid Africa Focus event, Belfast.

The first stage of the Burundi elections – communal – (local government), starts on 21 May. Pray for safety, God’s choice of leaders in each commune and for this first election to pave the way for the remaining 4 stages of elections up till 7 September to be fair and peaceful with clear outcomes. For more info on the elections visit http://www.burundielectionwatch.org.

Blessings in Kanyosha

Last month I prepared and co-delivered 3 days’ trauma healing training with my colleague Cyrille. It was such a blessed time! I can only give all the glory to God for the lovely participants who were hungry and open to receive teaching and work through personal issues that needed healing. Cyrille is a great communicator and has a clear pastoral heart and it was a privilege to work alongside him. This time he did 5 training sessions but next time he plans to do 7. (I have been asked to help train him so that one day he and Harvest for Christ could do this training without me.)

Most delegates shared they had released forgiveness to people who had really hurt them and they all committed to seeking reconciliation with at least one other person. They wrote action plans for their churches and we will see them again for follow-up, hopefully in September.

Prayer points:
- Pastors’ training on trauma healing: 10-12.
- That I can tie up any loose ends at home / work before travelling to UK and for a peaceful journey home (incl. a 12 hour wait in Nairobi).
- Good start to lessons with new Kirundi teacher.
- Protection over my house and provision of another puppy in Aug.
- Burundi Commune elections on 21 May.

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