Muraho from Rwanda Youth META 2010!

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My names Kirsten and I am part of the CMS Ireland META going out to Rwanda in July! I’m from North Belfast and attend St. Paul’s and Barnabus.

We’re not heading out to Kibungo for around two months but I’m already so excited and wish I was leaving tomorrow! Some of the reasons that I can’t wait to go over to Rwanda are that I can’t wait to experience a new culture and see how the people out there live and how much they appreciate God and life even though they don’t have a lot. I’m also looking forward to testing out the new language that I’m attempting to learn, Kinyarwanda, so for a lot of the trip get ready to hear me shout umubu umubu! I’ll let you figure out what that means!

Overall I just can not stress enough how excited I am that I have the opportunity to go on a trip like this that some people might only dream of and I was one of them dreamers and now, in two months I’ll be touching down on Rwandan soil! I think that the experience will bring me a lot closer to God as right now I’m kind of at a delicate stage in my relationship with him but I can feel already that this trip is going to being me so close to him. I’m also really excited about the team that we have heading out everyone is so different and it’s amazing! We all bring different ideas and thoughts to the group dynamic and each meeting we have is always full of laughter.

So as you can see I’m excited! And on behalf of the rest of the group I’ll say there enormously excited just as much!

Right now were just in the last stages of gathering up all of our money and we would really appreciate some prayer on this matter as were running around like crazy with a different fundraising event each week so you’re prayer would be greatly appreciated.

Only two months to go! Days are counting down!

Imana ibahe umugisha – May God bless you.

Rwanda 2010

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Jules said Mon, 17 May 2010 04:03PM
Hey guys we are up and running. Remember to come prepared on Saturday with any simple dramas, songs and sketches you think of. 2 months to go . . . . c u saturday Jules
Victoria Harrison said Fri, 21 May 2010 01:30PM
Another team starting to orgainse for an amazing trip - how exciting!!
Dianne Rhodes said Sat, 29 May 2010 09:48AM
Do you think she is excited??!! lol ..good job kirsten... i cant wait to see you all out there... its gona be great!

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