Ekisa 2010 begins their blog!

Kiwoko_gates_into_hosp Posted by Ekisa 2010 on Tue, 18 May 2010 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

So last weekend was our team residential. It was a great chance to finally (for my part anyway) get to know everyone’s names and also a bit about them. We did a few different teambuilding activities – which generally involved a lot of laughter – and learnt more about Ugandan culture and what we were going to be doing in Kiwoko. Check out the photos!

I am beginning to get very excited about the trip. I was on the Ekisa ’09 team, so I can’t wait to get back out there and say hi to all my friends from last year. Since I know what will happen in Uganda, and what it will be like, I am finding the run-up to it very different from last year. I’m more confident, have fewer questions and I am A LOT more eager to go!

Preparations are going well and we’re starting to get a grip on what sort of activities we will be doing each day.

Thank you for all the prayers, and we ask that you would all continue to pray for us as we bond as a team and go on with preparations for the kids’ clubs.

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