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This week, CMS Ireland Short Term Experience Placement (STEP) volunteer, Alastair Donaldson arrives in Burundi to begin a three month placement in Matana Diocese. This has been in the pipeline for several months now, with Alastair having been through the application and selection process with the Society. Speaking about his journey to Burundi in his blog, Alastair shares:

“This last 10 months have been an amazing time in my life since returning with the Burundi META in August 2009. The Lord blessed us all so much on that trip and in the time since…I was very aware that that the Lord has given me the desire to return to Burundi and over this past year one amazing thing after another has occurred to ensure that this was indeed possible…God has really provided when it has come to things like finances, paperwork etc and it’s so humbling to see how many people want to do something for you when they find out you’re going to serve the Lord.”

Alastair will be putting his skills as a site engineer to good use in Burundi, assisting the diocese with various building projects. He will also be getting involved in the evangelism and outreach work in Matana.

As Alastair adjusts to the new culture, climate and community of Burundi, please pray for him. In the coming weeks, you can keep up to date with all his news and prayer requests by visiting his blog on the CMS Ireland website. In his first Link Letter (now online as his first blog), Alastair seeks your prayerful support for the challenges ahead:

“I also would value your prayers and indeed would pray myself that the Lord could use me in a mighty way in Burundi and that U could be extremely effective for him whilst out there. At the end of the day, the way I see it is that whilst the physical construction of the buildings is and will be important, the most important things is building God’s Kingdom on earth and making disciples for Him. Please pray that I can be effective in this area.”

You can visit Alastair’s blog by clicking here.

If you would like more information about Burundi, please “click here”

If you would like to learn more about CMS Ireland’s STEP programme, please click on the link, or contact our offices.

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