Thanking God for opportunities...

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Well I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks now and although you go through some hard times and feel a bit lonely at times, I just thank God for keeping me strong, healthy and receptive to new opportunities.

The last few days have seen me resuming my hobby of running and it certainly is a different experience in the Burundi heat from the cold damp conditions of Armagh. I have also been on a visit to Matana Secondary School and seen some of the facilities available. Learning Kirundi is not easy although I feel that I am picking up more and more each day but I suppose I’m not the best student, nothing changes there. There are a lot of various Bible studies and fellowships held within the diocese here and so most nights we are around at somebody’s house or at a local school learning from God’s word or coming in prayer together for the many needs.

I have been trying to think of more ideas for the different churches I’ve visited and we were able to get a full level survey done on the existing foundation of Muramba church as well as take some distance measurements of the location of various columns. Seth makes a very competent ‘chainboy’ and I’ve got the pictures to prove it J What we’d like to do next is come up with some sort of roof design for the building and the make-up of the various elements involved.

Last weekend the Archbishop was in Matana so we were able to catch up with some news and also I was able to pass on greetings from everybody at home to him. I have been able to strike up quite a friendship with Seth’s youngest son Neery who is two years old but loves to come around and play with the some of the balloons I brought over. I think I’ve made a friend for life so long as the balloon supply doesn’t run out. We have also attended a number of celebrations in various high schools over the last couple of weeks with some more scheduled for next couple of weeks which have been real celebrations of joyfully praising the Lord, singing, preaching and fellowship. The Archbishop is quite nifty when it comes to dancing as well.

Last Saturday night I was invited to a supper in theological institute for the graduation of Bible college students and the presentation of their certificates. There were 25 students in total including one female and so we should pray that the Lord makes clear what these people should do next for the glory of his kingdom.

A friendly rivalry with Martin from Germany is now starting to pick up pace a bit due to England playing Germany in the next round of the World Cup and so I’m looking forward to that. I have also been able to give some small talks to the ‘Jesus Soldiers’ youth group on a couple of occasions now and so I look forward to more opportunities like this. Everyday you try to find somebody different to talk to, whether that be by playing basketball with the young kids or visiting the hospital etc. People are very warm in general and I just pray that more opportunities will come along.

Anyway I hope that everybody is doing really good at home and thanks to everyone who has sent text messages etc. The presidential elections are schedules for today (28th) so please pray for a good outcome as it’s quite uncertain at present.

God Bless,


Jan said Sun, 04 Jul 2010 07:29PM
Hey bro Glad to hear another update - God Bless you - how did the presidential elections go? I didn't hear? Lots of Love wee sis x
Victor Stephens said Mon, 05 Jul 2010 10:24PM
Amohoro Bro. Well in keepin with the Forrest Gump theme "run alastair run" lol. Glad ur settling well, knew u wud. keep up the good work Imana Shimwe V
Wayne Geary said Wed, 07 Jul 2010 10:49PM
Hey friend! Hope all's going well in Burundi, I'm leaving for Rwanda in a week and a half!! Can't wait, take a jog up and see us in Kibungo some day! God bless!

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