Rwanda here we come . . .

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The team are all set (well nearly) to go. After months of training and flexing our drama, singing, sermon writing and talk giving skills we are well and truly a very talented bunch (I have to say that, although no cash has changed hands!).

We are very excited to be heading to Rwanda, this is only the second youth team to be going to Kibungo Diocese and so it is great to be back and to be able to come alongside the youth team in Rwanda and help with the youth camp.

We know we will have many challenges but much laughter on our trip and so would greatly value your prayers and support as we go, whilst in Rwanda and when we come home. Please also remember our families.

We will be arriving in Rwanda on Monday morning, met at the airport by Reverend Emmanuel Ntazinda and some of his team and then head down to Kibungo Diocese.

We’ll be in touch and hope you will too . . . leave us a few comments to encourage us on our way.

Rwanda 2010

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