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Hello! here is the 3rd blog from team Rwanda!

Youth Camp

From Tuesday this week we have been taking part in a youth camp. The camp involved helping to build two houses, giving talks, testimonies and lots of singing. The week started on Tuesday night when we travelled over to the camp to meet and greet some of the young people who were already there.

Wednesday was our first proper day at the youth camp and our first experience of building an African house. Before we went to our houses we were spilt up into two teams, so half the team went to house 1 which was a five minute walk down the road and the other half went to house 2 which ended up being a 30 minute walk away.

When we arrived at our houses it was a little daunting as we were clueless of what to do but after a while we started to help as best we could. On Wednesday afternoon after we had lunch in the pastors house we went to church and led the seminar with talks, testimonies and songs. Over the next three days we followed the same format except on Saturday when we finished our houses after only four days and in the afternoon there was football for the boys. During this time Wayne, Sean, Craig, Sam, Daniel and Davey joined with a few other boys from the youth camp to form a team to play against a Rwandan team and on the sidelines we had the rest of the team cheering them on (‘the referee’s Rwandan’) Unfortunately the boys lost 2-0 so we left singing ‘we aren’t the champions’

Today (Sunday) we attended the closing ceremony of the youth camp this involved taking part in a choir competition which we only knew we were taking part in a few days before. Kirsten did a fantastic solo and everyone else gave it their all, it was definitely an experience competing against African choirs. After the ceremony we went to the closest house and the Bishop handed over the keys to the young boy and his mother who would be moving into it.

After four days of building all of us have had amazing experiences that we will never forget, although one of the challenges of building was water or the lack of it. We regularly ran out of water throughout the four days and on occasion had to travel an hour round trip just for a few gerry cans of water, this regularly slowed down the pace of building. Even though this could have dampened everyone’s spirits the determination was there in each person to get the houses finished.

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Steph to Zoe: Here take your antiseptic wipe with you.
Craig to Steph: Here use that antiseptic wipe and wipe you’re sour bake! (all with good intentions)
Rev Emmanuel “we have lots of beautiful woman here looking for husbands”
Sam, Wayne, Sean, Davey “life sketch” doing a sketch in front of 200 young people all wetting themselves laughing at them
Sean “ur a lavee head” (in your best scottish accent)
Wayne " its ok to spell a 16 letter word wrong but not a 4 letter word!!"

Rwanda 2010

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sandra geary said Fri, 06 Aug 2010 05:33PM
Well Wayne, not long now.Glad 2 hear ye all got d 2 houses built, not saying much 4 your football skills or singing ability but you take after me on the spelling!!hear your on facebook now, so Val told me.Ur hopefully about 2 ring me so talk soon.

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