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Hey guys! ☺

Team Rwanda 2010 have touched back down in Belfast after being away for three weeks and most of us are glad to be home minus a few who miss Rwanda too much!

After being away for three weeks the team has managed to build two houses, complete talk and testimonies in front of a whole youth camp, visit projects, (maize and housing) take part in a choir competition with two days notice and so much more!

After 3 weeks in Rwanda the whole team has grown so much we all have become much more independent and each person on the team has grown spiritually after absolutely amazing team times each evening that consisted of Julie Green asking two members of the team to come up with a talk on any subject that we wanted so for example we had talks on spiritual growth, giving, gifts and friendship. The amazing thing is that each of our talks always tied in with something that we were doing or something that was being talking about for example the first week on of the talks was about our gifts and how we can use our gifts and talents to help other people and this was what the sermon in church was on the first Sunday we were there, we were all blown away how everything we were talking about kept tying in with each other.

Some absolute highlights in Rwanda were the amazing times we had during the youth camp, the awesome banter that we as a team all had with each other with the help of bureau of bant (Davy, Wayne and Craig) these guys were incredible at organising entertainment for us. One of their ideas was to let the girls dress the boys up as an item of their choice the items were a lion, a candle, a sports person, a super hero, a tree and a baby. This idea turned out to be one of the funniest nights we had, the guys all looked no less than stunning in their new outfits to the amusement of the girls and judges but overall it was an wonderful night that I know none of us will forget especially Craig!!

Thank you to all of our families, friends and churches for following us on our journey, praying for us and giving us money to go. The memories and times we have had in Rwanda will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Now that we are home we hope to meet as a team as often as possible. We have also decided to do some fundraising to pay for the construction and build of at least one house for a returnee family to Rwanda. We were deeply affected when we went to see the houses these people lived in. Returning from Tanzania back home to Rwanda the government of Tanzania would not let the family take anything with them. So they live in a banana leaf shack, when the wet season arrives a lot of the children do not live through this time as they become very sick and die. So it costs £1750 to build one good house for a family, it is our prayer that we could raise money for at least one house before Christmas.

Many thanks
AMEN Rwanda team 2010

Rwanda 2010

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