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Prayers for Rwanda

I pray that everyone will learn from today and that God is with us every step of the way and that the health keeps well and that we are all blessed and given the power to help and be an inspiration to others in need and that this is group we have grows stronger in the next 2 weeks. Amen

Dear God, I pray for all the children in Rwanda that they will live a bright and happy life. I pray that unlike some of the Rwandan children that were killed that they will be able to fulfil their hopes and dreams. I pray that there will never be Genocide again in Rwanda and that it will become a very peaceful land. Also I pray that the two tribes would be united like they were before this disaster took place and that there will be peace between the two tribes. Amen

Lord we pray for the children, young people who are the future of Rwanda. Lord bless them in their lives, help them to make the right decisions to ensure that this atrocity never happens again. Amen

Lord I pray for the future of Rwanda that you will move in this country and bless the people. I also pray that the children will not grow up seeing a different people but a people united under not tribal name just a country name. Amen

Father God, I pray for Rwanda and the people here, although the genocide is over now there are still people who are hurting and grieving for lost ones. Father I pray that the education of this horrible event takes place and that it doesn’t happen again. Father I also pray for other genocides in the world may they be prevented and any victims comforted with your voice <3 Amen

Dear Lord, I would like to pray for Rwanda and its people after what has happened to them they are rebuilding and you are there with them, Lord I would ask you to help them build into the future and build yourself around them like a castle help them be strong and be there fortress and let them know you are with them always. Amen

Father, what can be said, the world is so broken in so many ways. Please God, heal us fix wounds here, at home and help those we didn’t know are hurting. Amen

Lord, I pray for the future of Rwanda. I pray for the people. I pray for the people that continue to be effected by the genocide – many having lost family members and friends. Lord I thank you for this beautiful country, for all the people. Lord, I thank you that they are able to move on. Help the country to have a bright future and help people to look forward to things to come. Amen

Jesus, be with us all each and every day. I pray for the people of Rwanda I pray your blessings upon them, that their vision and yours, their hopes and prayers come true for the future generation of their country. Father we are truly blessed in all we do and I thank you for that, we are so lucky and don’t even realise it, you are wondrous and all powerful. Amen

I pray for the safety and well-being of the people of Rwanda. I pray that everyone can continue to grow from the terrible troubles many years ago. I also pray that the people or Rwanda can become comfortable in talking about the terrible troubles and teach others to understand and to notice the vast difference the country is now and what it was like 16 years ago. Amen

I would like to pray that Rwanda continues to rebuild and that the people will continue to get along together. Amen

We pray for Rwanda, lord please continue to heal this nation…heal the hurts of the people… bring justice to all those who deserve it and father may you continue to be in the centre of this process of reconciliation…bless your people…Amen

Rwanda 2010

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