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Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and that everything in the emerald isle is ticking along nicely. Thank you all once again for your prayers and they are a great source of strength to me so Praise God!

So first thing’s first. We have just come out of our first power blackout since I’ve been over in that the whole country has been without electricity since Friday morning past and it has just come back on again about an hour ago (Monday night 6pm GMT) so that was a bit of an experience. There is one major transformer station which serves DR Congo and Burundi both and it malfunctioned. It actually taught me a few valuable lessons in that I never just quite realised how spoilt I was and by extension I suppose a lot of people in the western world. I was finding Saturday quite a long day and then when the electricity still hadn’t some on by the night-time I was engaging in some mild hysterics with myself and then I just felt a thought coming into my mind that this was what it was like for the majority of Burundians all the time and indeed people from many other third world countries. So I quickly pulled myself out of that one and just thanked the Lord that we have so many luxuries in the UK and Ireland and to learn to try and appreciate them a bit more.

Apart from that we’re now down to the final fortnight of my trip and you know it feels strange to even write that. It’s been a very interesting few weeks since I last blogged. In terms of the building we have just started the columns at Muramba church and it’s looking good. This week should also see us being able to buy some roofing sheets for another small church so hopefully that’ll also be completed before I go and I can take some pictures to show all you guys.

Last weekend was the 75th anniversary of the Anglican church in Rwanda and Burundi and so there was a lovely service and appropriate celebration to mark the occasion. It was a real blessing to hear from a wide range of speakers about the progress in Burundi since the Gospel was introduced and also to hear about the first missionaries who literally put their lives on the line to bring the good news to this part of the African continent for the first time. Some of the original converts were also present at the service and it was very touching to see how much this day obviously meant to them and to Christianity as a whole. There were also many other visitors from other parts of Burundi and Rwanda as well as Europe so I found many people to talk to which was good.

Then on Friday past there was another celebration (the Burundians love to mark an occasion lol) to mark the official opening of the new Hospital Administration block in Matana. This had been built by the Anglican church in partnership with CMS UK and there was a government minister present to cut the ribbon. Actually to digress a bit, I was amused to see on my trip to Muyinga province a few weeks ago that the town of Muyinga was closed off one morning whilst a celebration took place to mark the creation of ‘speed humps’ on the main street so I think this illustrates my point perfectly lol. But returning to the hospital, it was a wonderful day and marked the creation of some more well needed facilities for the people of Matana, life-saving facilities. The new building now stands in contrast to the majestic old hospital itself which was one of the first buildings constructed by the first missionaries but now sadly needs some urgent renovation.

So that’s a bit of an update from me guys and I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon and may God bless you all abundantly in everything you do,

Alastair Donaldson

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Jules said Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:04AM
Always great to hear your news. May your last two weeks be a blessing and bring blessing to you and all you've met. God bless x
Victor Stephens said Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:44PM
Yo Bro, not lyk u 2 digress lol. Glad ur doin so well and just knew from last year that the Lord had more in store for you. Looking forward to catchin up when you return. God bless m8 and love to everyone there Imana Shimwe