so...what's it like in the monsoon...

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We are well into the monsoon here in Nepal and it has hit the headlines this year as the annual downpour has traumatised Pakistan with huge floods. Being up at amlost 6000 feet, we do not have such floods, though we have lots of huge puddles. The main result of the monsoon for us in the environment are the landslides – the Himalaya are still a relatively young range of mountains, still growing (1cm per year in the north of Nepal and 2cm per year in the south of Nepal, so if we wait long enough, it will turn over…!) and steep. While the road up here is very good, it does have quite a few slides every year. The nearest large river to us, the Mahakali, about 30 miles to our west, recently broke its banks and cause local flooding, fatalities and losses. Every day in the national dailies, there are such reports.

So with road closures, travelling can be difficult, getting supplies in can stop, but day to day life trundles along. As it is so humid, cloth gets saturated, so it can take days to dry the washing, and Ali has taken to ironing it to dry it. Any carpet we have is just constantly dampish and similarly up in Church where they have lots of carpet rugs.

There are some great cloud formations and sunsets as we look out across the valleys. In the distance we can see the Mahakali valley and the India Himalaya beyond.

Up in Church last weekend, MG facilitated a meeting of 20 church leaders considering doing some Leadership training. It was great to see enthusiasm to get together and explore opportuities for learning, growing faith and the Kingdom.
Ali was up in Hospital today and when she came home she told me about a lady who had come in who had been mauled by a Himalayan Bear. Thankfully she escaped and got to us, she will stay in Hospital a few days for her wounds to heal before going home again. That’s not a common incident, but the Hospital has been busy over the monsoon treating people with more common problems like fractures, diarrhoeal problems and obstetric issues.

MG has been preparing the site for the dry seaon and also the main building season, so it has been a bit stop / start with breaks of 5 days or 10 days due to rain…time for planning though.

Well, we quite like the monsoon time, although by this stage, you wish it was over…but sure it’s wet, damp, humid and cheeeeessso (chilly) for another 6 weeks…then guaranteed sunshine!


magsmcc said Tue, 31 Aug 2010 05:06PM
Well, Autumn is settling in over us here, with a bit more cheeeeessso in the evenings and mornings! All back to school today was the main event- no maulings by bears!

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