Our visit to Kajo Keji

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Last Thursday we went to Kajo Keji to meet the village leaders and the school of the proposed new BSF funded school. The site of the school is along the Yei to Kajo Keji road.

The road was terrible and it took 5 hours to get to Kajo Keji! It felt at times as if we were driving through small lakes and rivers! We had taken only a few biscuits and had 5 YVTC short course students to take back to Kajo Keji in the vehicle, with no shops on road! We got excited when we saw a BBQ beside the road selling food to passers by (saw about 4 vehicles in total in 100 miles so the sellers were excited as well). We got out and saw it was barbecued mouse and rat! Immediately our hunger left…A rat was equivalent of £1.25 and the mice 25p each.

The community where delighted about the news of the new building and we had a great meeting with them with much thanks to God being expressed.

We then delivered the students into Kajo Keji town and decided to go and buy ourselves a chapatti. To our surprise there was a man who was drunk sitting on the roof of our vehicle when we returned from the shop!

We then went to the Bishop’s house and were as usual really welcomed. There was a team there from UK called Flame International who were doing training of pastors.

On Friday, John went to meet the Kajo Keji commissioner, and the county education department. Then he was taken to another school in need of a new building. We hope and pray more funding will be found to make this possible.

Meanwhile, I was doing health checks all day on 28 Kajo Keji pastors. The thing that struck me was the huge need for eye care. Three were blind in one eye and several had very poor vision. I had 4 pairs of reading glasses with me. Six more were given to me by a Flame International team member who brought them with her from Salisbury given by an old lady. She had brought them not knowing what to do with them. One man needed stronger ones which I gave him but pleaded with him to exchange the new pair with the old pair he had as they were no use to him. Reluctantly he gave them to me. So in total I had 11 pairs of reading glasses of different strengths. How many pastors needed reading glasses? 11. And to make it all the more amazing I had exactly the right strength of lens for each person, including the pair that was swapped! It made me realise that the eye clinic we are shortly to open in Yei is so needed. I have suggested 10 of the pastors come to Yei in November for full eye assessment.

Our journey back probably was more muddy than the journey there. But miraculously we got through without getting stuck once.

Then last evening (Saturday)at 7.30 pm the phone rang. There is a new ECS English congregation called Nyombe which started on August 1st with 6 people and now has 300! Could John please preach the next day at 7.30 am?

The thatched church was full. The lady who was meant to be reading the passage did not because John thought it was not fair to ask her if she had not prepared it. So he read the passage he was going to preach on. It was clearly God speaking as the passage she felt she should read was the same as John chose and the one he preached on. Pray for this church-from 6 people to a full church in 6 weeks! They meet for Bible study during the week.

It has been a packed and challenging 4 days!



Charlie Barebo said Thu, 23 Sep 2010 02:42PM
John and Poppy, Sounds like excellent work in Kajo Keji. The Diocese of Bethlehem built the Bishop's house, the college, the primary schools at Romogi and Gaderu. We are finishing primary schools in Liwolo and Sodogo. It would be great to have your email address so we can communicate. What village are you building this school in? I'd also like to know more about the micro finance program I hear that CMS Ireland initiated in Kajo Keji last year. God's Blessings to you and your important work. Charlie Barebo, New Hope Chair, Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem
Charles said Sat, 13 Nov 2010 07:43AM
Vous etes choisi par le perre createur to sauve le peuple du Sud Sudan. Je vous recomande par le nom du Jesus Christ que Jesus vous pose une bonne qeuston quedit, ce que vous faisiez pour la lst de mes frere, vous les faisiez a moi. Qu'il continue a' vous benir l'a ou' vous passez, que ca soi a' vehicle, en avion qu'il soi toujour avec vous. Charles IHSU Kampala Uganda.
Boni Wani said Thu, 02 Dec 2010 11:11PM
Iam so glad to hear from Your conern John and Poppoy for praying for our country sudan which you have request God people to pray for the coming refrudam.We too as sudanse church leaders in uganda had organize a one day fasting and prayer for the same which is schudle to 11/12/2010 at makerere opposite makerere christian fellowship church so join us on that very day beliving God to move so that total peace will be on the land. When I read about the step taken by Esther and her fellow jews in chapter 4 of Esther that was a hard time but the Holy spirit was in control and Haman was no were. God is going to do the same and there will be no more war. Iam one of the pastor who is pastoring a pentecostal church in uganda and I thank you the love and support kajo-keji God bless you Boni Wani

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