City life, Ugandan style.

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I have never been good at meetings. Although not much good at chairing them, at least I can try and get them finished as quickly as possible, but attending them….

Today I’m in Kampala at a UPMB symposium. It’s a 2 day meeting, but I’m only here for the day as I have a meeting at the hospital this evening (and some lab technicians visiting the hospital tomorrow morning.)

Travelling in Kampala is never dull. It can be infuriating at times, but so long as you maintain a relaxed approach there is always plenty to entertain. This morning we had the usual gridlock to remind me why I try and keep away from the city – I left home at 6.30 for a 1.5 hr journey and arrived at 9am. In addition to the usual livestock, policemen directing you to jump red lights, and bicycles and motorcycles weaving between the traffic, I was amused by the Volkswagen Golf towing a breakdown truck, and also the cyclist who was holding onto the back of an articulated lorry getting towed up a hill at 30mph. Unfortunately being stuck in a traffic jam in the city when one’s morning fluid intake with breakfast is trying to get dispensed has some challenges for those used to living in a rural area where solutions to such challenges are easily found!

I had a meeting organised for 9am (trying to fit it in before this symposium.) The man has complained the last two times I have been to see him that I was late – first time I thought that he was joking as time keeping in Uganda often seems creative – so I did everything possible to ensure that I was in time today – and of course when I arrived, I found that he wasn’t in the office today to keep our appointment!

I hope that the meetings which you have today are fruitful and succinct.

Equally, for those commuting I hope that you have some suitable amusement en route.

Cheers for now

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