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Everything is Relative or is it?

J came to work for us last year. She is also called ‘Nalongo’ because she has a set of twins amongst her five children. John, the latest addition to the five was born just over 2 months ago now. I envisage that Gideon and he will be friends in the future.

J is not only helping us around the house but has agreed to look after Gideon while I am working at the nursing school. She loves Gideon and because she has been in and around the house since he was born, he seems to recognise her voice and feels comfortable with her. She is an answer to our prayers – again God has been faithful!

Yesterday I was humbled and challenged by J. She works 9-5 for us and yet after work she was heading off to her garden to dig for a couple of hours. The garden basically supplies all the staple foods for the family like cassava, sweet potato, maize and matoke, or allows them to sell it for cash. We are having some rain at the moment so the rush is on to get planting.
I was struck by J’s servant heart for her children and family, her joy in being able to provide for them despite the long days, with no resentment or bitterness in her heart. People say that ‘everything is relative’, and it is true, if I think of the lifestyle that we might have in Ireland, then we have chosen to give up some ‘stuff’. However, if I compare myself to Joyce I am a millionaire. We have a lovely home, money for healthcare if we need it; Gideon has a good diet, nappies, clothes, a mosquito net and toys. We are not worrying where the next meal will come from. I don’t have to go and dig in the garden after a full day at work, in order to make sure that my family eats through the next season. We have everything and more!

How do we measure wealth? I feel like a millionaire because I don’t do as much manual labour as J to provide for my family, and our surroundings may be more comfortable. Yet if I take all the ‘stuff’ away, our families are equally wealthy. I don’t mean to sound ‘corny’ but there is loads of love in our homes. As mothers we are planning and organising how best to look after our husbands and child/children respectively, and finding a real joy and satisfaction in doing that. Whatever the circumstance we would both do our utmost to do what is best for our families.

How wealthy is your family today?? I am off to read Proverbs 31 again!


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