An Update on Tom Matianyi

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In August, CMS Ireland posted a prayer request from Kenya to remember Tom Matianyi and his family as he awaited an important heart operation. The Society is delighted to convey an encouraging update on Tom’s health from Ronnie Briggs. Thank you for praying with us.

When the first news of Tom’s illness came it was quite a surprise to many people and a process was put in place to bring together as many friends of his as possible in order to help him and his family through this trying time. Tom has spent all his working life serving others in the Kajiado area and when people heard of his need for surgery they came together very quickly to stand beside him and support him. Tom has made many friends here in Ireland as well and your generous support has helped him to have access to the medical intervention he so badly needed.

There is a small Committee looking after all the arrangements and the Chairman of this Committee – Jason Lemooke has this to say:

‘The Organizing Committee of Mzee Tom Matianyi’s Medical Fund and his family wish to take this opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude to you and/or your organization, for the generous contribution(s) given to us towards this cause together with all the prayers during these trying moments.’

The fund raising event was held on 4th September and was a huge success. The target of £6,000 was greatly exceeded and £9,000 was raised. He went immediately to Nairobi and started the long series of tests that would help to decide how best to deal with his illness. It became apparent during this process that he also had another problem with his prostrate and this needed to be dealt with before the heart operation could go forward.

Tom went to Nairobi Hospital on 16th September and had the prostrate operation carried out successfully. After three days he was back home and recovering well. However, the cost of the operation was much greater than anticipated and brought into question his ability to pay for the more important heart operation. After much discussion and prayer it was decided that he should go to India for this operation – not as radical as it seems at first glance. The cost of travelling there together with a someone to assist him; the cost of the operation and the after care plus all the accommodation while in India is still about half the cost of having the operation carried out in Kenya – such is the cost of private hospital care in Kenya. The only important consideration was simply – was Tom able to travel this distance? The Doctorr in Nairobi said that he was and so preparations were put in place for the trip.

Tom left for India – accompanied by his son Ken – on the 4th October and after some tests went for the heart operation on Wednesday 13th October. I spoke to Tom by telephone from India on 21st October and he was in good form and feeling much better. He eventually had a quadruple heart by-pass and he says the only pain he now has is on his leg where they took out the vain! He hopes to be discharged from Hospital at the weekend and then rest for about another week before travelling back to Kenya. He is really looking forward to seeing his family again and he asks me to pass on his grateful thanks to all his friends here in Ireland for both the financial support and the prayer support given to him over this time of real need.

Tom remains very positive about it all and continually gives thanks to God for delivering him from this time of suffering in such a positive way.

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