News from January 2011

Over 3.8 million vote YES to independence for Southern Sudan


The South Sudan Referendum Commission is in the process of verifying results, but it would appear that almost 99% of voters have declared YES to independence. CMS Ireland continues to update you on the referendum results…

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Bishop Mouneer Provides Update on Egypt Situation


The recent unrest in Egypt has seen hundreds of thousands of citizens take to the streets. Tuesday’s announcement by President Mubarak may herald the quelling of protests and demonstrations but the situation remains tense. Bishop Mouneer provides CMS Ireland with an update on events in Egypt.

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Report from Refuge Egypt in Cairo


I just received this message Jonathan Lee, Director, Refuge-Egypt giving us an update of the situation in Cairo as pro Mubarak and protesters clash with gunfire and stones flying in Tahrir Square Cairo. I will continue to pass on messages from our partners in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said in Egypt.

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Eye witness report from Cairo


“Cairo is a mess; all of Egypt is in a mess. It needs prayer!” shares Nelly, an ex-apt living in Egypt, who has been speaking with CMS Ireland about recent events.

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Settling In!


I have arrived safely in Kajiado and am settling in really well. The journey here was fine with flights on time, baggage arriving in one piece and a nice welcoming party for me at Nairobi airport. They had a sign saying ‘Dr Catherine, Kajiado’. So that’s me – for the next few months – Dr Catherine in Kajiado!

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God's wonderful creation


Sea, Sunshine and beautiful scenery……could it be Northern Ireland? sea and beautiful scenery yes but unfortuanatley no sunshine!

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Kiwoko Bible Week


Not just a brother in law !

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One week survived!


We can’t quite believe we have been in Uganda for a week now already. Everyday has been filled with so much to learn, experience and digest. So much has happened… I don’t know where to start!

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2 year anniversary in Burundi


Alison shares about her recent house move, rising prices in Burundi, her 2 year anniversary of moving to Burundi and recent trauma healing conferences lead by Flame International in Gitega and Makamba Dioceses.

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"This is our day, this is our time" - Voters Perspective in Sudan Referendum


The voting process for South Sudan’s Referendum continues until 15th January 2011. CMS Ireland shares stories of two of the voters who have left their thumbprint on the history of Sudan through the ballot box.

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