Over 3.8 million vote YES to independence for Southern Sudan

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As soon as the polls closed on the last day of the referendum, counting in each of the referendum centre across Sudan and overseas began. The results have been counted and are undergoing the process of tabulation and verification. The website of the South Sudan Referendum Commission, the body responsible for conducting this momentous referendum (in conjunction with a subsidiary body in Juba), provides up to date figures on the referendum results in each state/province of Sudan. According to the latest figures published on the website, 98.83% of voters have said yes to secession – representing 3,792518 votes.

The Referendum in Facts & Figures

- 3,837,406 valid votes were cast during the referendum.
- The majority of Southern States had over 99% in favour of secession.
- The region in the South with the lowest vote for secession was Western Bahr El Ghazal with 95.5%.
-In the North, 42.35% voted in favour of secession.
-The lowest support for secession in the North was Southern Dafur with 36.8%.

(Click here to see more details from the South Sudan Referendum Commission.)

The BBC Reports that hundreds of officials and diplomats gathered in Juba at the grave of rebel leader John Garang for the first official announcement of the results. The revered South Sudanese leader died in a plane crash just days after signing the January 2005 peace agreement ending more than 20 years of conflict between the black Christian-dominated south and the mainly Arab Muslim north.

“The prayer I say the people of Southern Sudan have been waiting for 55 years, the prayer of a country,” Episcopalian Archbishop Daniel Deng said as he opened the ceremony. (Click here to read the full article.)

Bless the name of this land, Southern Sudan Archbishop Daniel Deng

The final results for the referendum are scheduled to be announced on 7th February (if there are no appeals). Sudanese President Omar-al Bashir has stated that he will accept the results of the election. It would appear that Southern Sudan has secured a mandate to become the world’s newest nation. If accepted, a formal announcement would be made on 9th July.

However, many challenges still remain for Southern Sudan such as addressing the underdevelopment and interethnic conflict. Important negotiations will have to take place regarding how to divide the economic resources of Sudan, particularly oil.

Please continue to remember Sudan in your prayers as the referendum process moves towards completion.

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