What next for Yei Vocational Training College?

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After 2 years of running courses for the Sudan Recovery Fund, the Diocese of Yei Vocational Training College was wondering what would happen next. Could it find enough students and thus income to survive?

After an anxious month of waiting, today the College opened its doors to 100 Congolese refugees, who until now have been staying in the Lasu refugee camp, just on the Sudan side of the Congolese border. UNHCR has contracted the YVTC to run its usual courses for the next three months and on 5th February, the large group arrived. Their arrival coincided with the refurbishment of the kitchen so today lunch was prepared in the open air.

The College did not have enough dormitory space to accommodate all, so emergency tents, supplied by Rotary Clubs in the UK were quickly erected and will serve as home for the next three months.

One other practical problem is language. The College instructors all speak several languages and normally teach in English. None know French so the College has hired five interpreters to work with the students over the term and will be allocated one to each course. This new course is a wonderful answer to prayer.

CMS Ireland has had a long partnership with the Diocese of Yei and was instrumental in setting up the College in 2003.

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