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What an amazing week it has been. On Sunday 6th February we drove 6 young people from our church in Winchester to Panyana, a rural Archdeaconry in South Sudan close to Congo and Uganda borders. It was for the second Youth Bible Camp in Panyana, the first having been held in 2010.

What a welcome we all received. John preached and about 40 came forward wanting to become believers. There was so much dancing and rejoicing.

On Monday, John and I did a workshop on marriage and relationships. It is anticipated that in the next few weeks there will be some marriage blessings in Church.

The team from Winchester stayed the whole week in Panyana, leading a programme of Bible Study, seminars on Life Skills, lots of worship and prayer and fun and games. About 120 youth were present for the whole week.During the week, the announcement of the referendum results were released causing much rejoicing. There was a huge bush fire in the village one day and after much prayer, it died away. Then there was more rejoicing.

The week concluded on Sunday 13th, when John again preached and the local Commissioner spoke about what an answer to prayer the referendum result was. About 200 people came forward for prayer to say they wanted to put following Jesus as the most important thing in their lives. It was amazing to see such a response.

As we drove the Winchester team out from Panyana, there were a lot of difficult goodbyes. The team are all keen to come back another time and some really close friendships had developed.

The Archdeacon of Panyana held a meeting of the Youth leaders after the team had left to make sure that the new Christians would be followed up and encouraged to grow.


We had great first Cataract Camp at Martha Primary Health Care Centre in Yei last week. A highly qualified team with ophthalmology equipment came from Juba led by Dr Yeneneh, an Ethiopian ophthalmologist working with Christian Blind Mission. In total 47 patients were operated on and everyone looked delighted as they left with a much clearer ablity to see. Many of those who attended had very poor vision for years.

It was a busy week but so many people were helped. It was worth all the effort.



Charles said Mon, 28 Mar 2011 06:01PM
C'est le seigneure qui vous a chiosi d'etre a' Panyana. Et vous avez toujour votre benediction. Que Dieu continu a' vou benir.

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