Annual Project 2010 - An Update From Kiwoko Hospital

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The CMS Ireland Annual Project 2010, Hands On! focused on Kiwoko Hospital in Luwero Diocese, Uganda. The project was aimed at supporting the work of the children’s ward.

Across Ireland 79 parishes in Ireland took part in the Hands On! Project – making it one of our most supported projects. As well as learning about Uganda and praying for our partners in Kiwoko, Sunday Schools helped raise €39,500/ £33,551 (as at time of writing) to support the children’s ward – a really fantastic amount!

The childrens ward at Kiwoko Hosptial has already begun to benefit from the generous support given to them through the Hands On! Annual Project of 2010.

Here is a story of how your support is making a real difference to the lives of vunerable children in Uganda…

Dorothy is 2 years old and lives in Luwero, Central Uganda.

Dorothy, like many children, suffered with malaria – a tropical disease, common across Uganda, spread by mosquitoes. Dorothy recently received life saving treatment at Kiwoko Hospital, paid for Ireland as part of the CMS Ireland 2010 Annual Project, Hands On!.

Despite being 2 years old, she weighed only 8Kg (17lb), and, having travelled to the hospital with her mother on the back of a motorbike, was unable to stand and didn’t speak. She was clearly very sick with a high fever, quick and shallow breathing and she had become unconscious from having a fit. Her eyes were yellow and she was very pale showing she was anaemic. Her heart was struggling to cope was starting to fail. Dorothy had severe malaria leading to anaemia. This was all made worse by being malnourished.

Each year, across sub-Saharan Africa, 1 million children under the age of 5, die from malaria. Children just like Dorothy.

The nursing staff at the hospital managed to put a drip in with some difficulty. A blood transfusion was started along with medication to treat the malaria. It was difficult at this point to be sure if she would make it or not, but knowing she was having the best treatment they could offer, they left her in the hands of our sovereign God.

The following morning there was some improvement. Dorothy was now able to open her eyes and her heart was coping better. She was still too weak to sit up or even eat. She was already so underweight she could not afford to lose any more weight.

One of the nurses picks up the story…

The next day we went to the ward hoping she would again be a bit better. We were amazed to see her sat up in her cot smiling at us! Her breathing was fine, her heart was working normally and the fever settling. The challenge now was her malnutrition. She was put on a special high calorie diet and mum taught to cook nutritious food by the nutrition team. This would help Dorothy to become stronger and healthier and also help her brothers and sisters too. She started gaining weight, was given the vaccinations she had not had and discharged home. She was seen by the nutrition team two weeks later. Since going home she had gained more weight and was looking healthy. Mum happily reported that Dorothy was pulling herself up to stand, taking a few steps and calling out for her “mamma”.

Malaria continues to cause death and suffering for children across Africa. Through money raised by the Hands On project, hospital fees for families like Dorothy’s are able to be subsidised, making them affordable for people already struggling.

On behalf of Dorothy, her family and all those at Kiwoko Hospital, thank you for all your work in raising money to help with children’s healthcare at the hospital. Your financial support enables the hospital to reach out in very practical ways – it enables the hospital to get “hands on” with many of the problems that these children face in rural Uganda.

For more information about the Annual Project, please click here

_If you took part in Hands On! Kiwoko 2010 and have outstanding funds that you raised for the project, please send them into our offices as soon as possible. Cheques should be made payable to “CMS Ireland” and be accompanied by a note indicating the funds are for the 2010 Annual Project. Thank you._

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