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There was much delight in Goja on 20 March when Bishop Hilary Luate Adeba dedicated the foundations of the third block of classrooms for the village primary school.

Goja is a village about 8 miles from Yei and two years ago had no permanent classrooms for the primary school. Some children were taught in thatched rooms made of sticks, mud and grass and others were taught in the shade of a mango tree. The conditions were very poor. But this was an unusual community. Working with ACROSS, a Christian NGO, the community began to draw up a Village Plan covering the next 20 years. Top of their list was a new Primary School. The list was pinned up at the front of the church so that all could see. The community then started to make their own bricks so that some classrooms could be built.

That was in 2009. Later that year, we got to hear of their plans and CMS Ireland received some extra funds for school construction from the Basic Services Fund and was able to build first three then six classrooms. By June 2010, there were six completed classrooms on site (see photo) but nowhere for the teachers to prepare lessons and to mark books and no office for the head teacher. We wanted to build the final block of rooms that would finish the school and we made a further request to the Basic Services Fund. Fortunately, some money was found last month and we quickly let the contract and work started almost immediately. Yesterday the Bishop of The Diocese of Yei, Bishop Hilary, was in Goja to dedicate the work and to urge the community to use the school to its full extent.

Jane Corbett from Down and Dromore Diocese and Malcolm Lemon from Christchurch Winchester both witnessed the happy occasion and brought greetings from their respective churches.


Peter Hill-King said Mon, 02 Jan 2012 12:00AM
Hello - more building! It's been a while but i habve been wondering how things are going, especially post Southern Sudan independence. I've also seen "Machine Gun Preacher" recently, and note his mission work started in Yei too.... Regards, Peter HK

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