News from Monday, 11 April 2011

Visa D’Etablissement and Andy P’s visit rejoicing!


Having just had a fantastic pastoral visit from her church leader back home, Alison shares about her work focus for the year ahead, news of her new 2 year work permit visa and what’s coming up in the next month.

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Getting ready to go...

It’s now just three weeks until I leave for Kenya, all of a sudden it seems very close!

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Five teachers being trained in Yei

The result of 20 years of war in Sudan has been the lack of access to health and education services. These are the two priorities of CMS Ireland’s support for the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Even today, 6 year’s after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and a few month’s from the birth of the Republic of South Sudan, many of the countries 31 Dioceses are without good health services and quality education. Just imagine there are 18 to 20 year old’s who spent the war without going to school and are still attending Primary School’s today.

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