Visa D’Etablissement and Andy P’s visit rejoicing!

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Greetings from a very wet Bujumbura! We’re in the last few weeks of the rainy season and it’s pouring! I thought you’d like to rejoice with me that I received my new 2 year work permit on Friday! Praise God. It really is a miracle that the main visa came after just 3 weeks. However the price had increased from $150 in 2009 to $500 now. I still need a new exit / return visa @ $30 / month which my colleague’s applying for.

As you are aware, last month was a very special time for me when Andy P from my home / sending church – Brockley Community Church came here for a pastoral visit and some programmes with Harvest for Christ (HFC). It’s difficult to write concisely about his visit which blessed me in so many ways: very helpful discussions re my ministry here, including the review with my boss, Onesphore; personal times of catching up and I loved seeing Andy in Burundi. He’s a natural! They said he has an African style of preaching! We had great times in HFC clubs, morning devotions, visited Kayanza where he spoke so well at a church leaders’ conference (see photo) and at the Batwa project in Busiga, Ngozi. He was of course invited back!

In the review and agreement for the next year of work here, we felt my main focus should be training volunteers to train others in trauma healing, writing the bible college module, extra focus on French study as well as continuing doing training.

Last week I thought I’d be training at Mont Sion but they cancelled on the Monday morning! They said the head priest was unavailable. We are waiting on more info. It’s frustrating after spending much time preparing for it but at least all the mini notes for our training are completed.

Right now, I feel pretty lonely, having had lots of visitors from Jan – March. I don’t have any guests booked in. It is giving me time to catch up but despite making much effort to see people, there is too much time at home alone.

This month I’m meeting with my new volunteers, planning for Flame’s next visit from 30th April and working on trauma healing materials plus summer talks.

Burundi cultural tip: the extended family is the equivalent of Social Services so whenever you have money you’re expected to pay for family health bills, crises etc. If you have money and don’t want to do this you’ll normally spend it straight away, e.g. by buying bricks and starting to build your house.

How do I use your support?

Please see a pie chart of my annual budget in % for the next year. (A more detailed version is submitted to Brockley Church and iNet mission.) Often people are surprised at the things the support has to cover e.g. I pay all the ministry related costs.

Next month I will show a pie chart detailing the Burundi costs. Nearly one third of your support goes directly on ministry related costs. Thank you so much for all your give – it enables me to do what I do here.

Prayer points:

- Praise for fantastic visit, review and planning time with Andy and my boss Onesphore. For all God did through Andy to encourage folk here.

- That Brockley Community Church would continue to be blessed by their link with Burundi and for God’s guidance as they plan to send a team here for Oct. half-term.

- Praise for my new work permit visa and pray for the exit / return visa to be given soon.

- For God to encourage and strengthen me in the times without visitors, for some more paying guests.

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