Independence Day for Southern Sudan!

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“The 9th July 2011 is the most glorious day in our lives” says Bishop Hilary of Adeba.

Indeed it will be a landmark day for the people of Southern Sudan, when the breaking of the day will see the creation of the world’s youngest nation: the Republic of Southern Sudan.

Here, Bishop Hilary Adeba of Yei Diocese in Sudan shares about the events in the Diocese of this “most glorious day”.

“We in the Diocese of Yei have completed our mobilisation for prayers throughout the Diocese. Events have started in Yei with a series of training sessions for over 50 of our 15 year olds and above this age group.

“The Mother’s Union and members of the Young Family Association (YCA) started practicing how to march for the 9th July 2011. The women were very excited with the prospects of the glorious day coming closer as the countdown continues. It was announced in the Cathedral that the MU and the YFA members have to get their uniforms ready for the day.

“We (the Church) have mobilised everybody to go to the celebrations to give the day its great importance.

We feel very happy and thank the Lord for His goodness to us. The 9th July 2011 is the most glorious day in our lives.

“We have put in place a plan to clean Yei town. All the congregations of Emmanuel Cathedral will march to town with their drums to start cleaning around the public areas of Yei town.

“The ECS plan to continue the celebrations with a mini-conference after the declaration of independence to thank God for being so very good to the people of South Sudan. So Sunday 10th July 2011 will be a day of worship, encouraging speeches and traditional dancing on the Immanuel Church grounds.

Pray with us and ask God to lead the youngest nation of the world.

“The programme will be marked by political speeches from the political people and there will be the taking of the salute by the Commissioner of Yei from the army, lowering of the flag of Sudan and replacing it with the colours of the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS).

“After the formal celebrations, the Freedom Square of Yei will be thronged by thousands of citizens who will be there to enjoy the day and of course the very entertaining traditional dances from various tribes of the RoSS living in Yei.

“We feel very happy and thank the Lord for His goodness to us. The 9th July 2011 is the most glorious day in our lives.

“On the eve of independence, by midnight, everybody will send out a reasonable amount of noise to indicate the end of the rule of Sudan over the people of the South, and to welcome 9th July 2011 into our lives.

“Pray with us and ask God to lead the youngest nation of the world.”

Mission Director Ronnie Briggs has shared this message with Archbishop Daniel Deng of Sudan:

“Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“On behalf of all the staff, members and supports of CMS Ireland I would like to assure you and your Church that we are praying for you and the whole country as you move towards independence. This is truly a significant milestone in the history of Sudan and one that we have been praying for over many years. Please pass on to all concerned that we are in this journey together and we will continue to stand firm alongside you as you guide the Church through this momentous time.

CMS Ireland has been involved with you and the Church in Sudan for many years and we see this new development as one of opportunity and challenge. However, with God on our side whom shall we fear? We can move forward boldly with confidence for a blessed future for the growth of the Church in South Sudan.

“May God continue to richly bless you and guide you in His will.”

Please join with us in praying for this historic moment, and for God’s blessing upon this new nation.

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