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We came back to Uganda just two weeks ago now. The flight was fine but all of us were happy to roll into bed around midnight in a guesthouse in Kampala. We woke up by a conversation between Jan Lucas and Richard, our school director from Arua who came early that day to collect us with our car. Jan Lucas spoke Dutch and Richard tried to get some English out of him, without luck the first couple of days. It was great to meet Richard again and 8 hours later so many others in Arua. Grace, the lady who helps us at our house, dancing and clapping at the gate. Arua looked dry, not much rain had fallen yet.

The next days, or the next weeks really existed mainly of greeting, shaking hands, receiving the compliment: “You look FAT!”, hearing the stories of so many friends. Meeting new students. Being back at church. So many things changed, so much stayed as it was. It is simply good to be back after our time in the Netherlands and Ireland.

Our kids went back to the local primary school and nursery. Ruben thought the teachers are very strict here. Jan Lucas loves his trail-on bike and each day we caused amusement when I dropped Jan Lucas at school; what a sight; two mundu’s (whites) on funny bikes. Jan Lucas doesn’t mind and peddles nicely on, waving and greeting along the road. Anne Fleur found it hard to tell the teachers that she would only come to school in the mornings, after the (European) summer holidays we will start home schooling with the main subjects in Dutch in the afternoons.

Lisa enjoys Arua, is happy as long as there are people and chickens around here to look at and to talk to. She is still crawling and looks pretty mucky at times.

At the time of typing this blog I hear the new building students hammering. We are adding one room on the house onto what now the verandah is. The building group has done well with small renovation work in the community to gain experience and to raise some local income for the Vocational Training Center (VTC). As did the carpenters, they contracted a few jobs as well. The garage people have been maintaining and repairing vehicles the whole time through. Grace did well with hosting guests in the guest house, the difficult part was to get the money from certain guests, there is still some money outstanding. Richard just kept lorries and cars locked up till the owner would pay for the repairs, but well, locking up your guests till they pay is another story.

Okay folks, that’s it for now. As you read; we’re safely back and pray that you will have a good time where ever you are this summer. Thanks for keeping in touch and God bless.

Aart and Geesje den Breejen

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Barbara Cottier said Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:41PM
Greetings, I am glad to know you are safely back and I can imagine you all in the house at Mvara. I will be remembering you in prayer in the coming days. I hear from the Laceys via e mails, blogs and their Link Letters and am expecting a new Link letter from them any day now. Please keep blogging! Barbara
Rory, Denise and Gideon Mugisha said Sun, 31 Jul 2011 06:12PM
Guys it is great to have you back at home with us in Uganda. May God bless you in the months ahead - and hopefully we can meet up soon!
Brian Harper said Wed, 10 Aug 2011 02:17PM
Great to see you're back safely in Arua. It was lovely to meet up with you all here. We've all had our Yellow Fever jabs and are looking forward to seeing you very soon.
Marijke Bongers said Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:12PM
Hi, fam. den Breejen. Maybe you can send me your e-mail for direct communication. I received the buttons saturday. Aarts mother came along to bring them. I have a few questions to Aart for some changes, but I still love the idea of fairtrade buttons made by your students! Hope to have an answer real soon!
samanya maliki said Sat, 28 Jan 2012 08:18PM
iam samanya maliki from south suda i need to tank all the instroctors by edgeting me and let god bless all of you for the hard work your dowing [fast i great mr Aartand the familly mr leat.achadibo.last the cj instrctor and all the student am now semobody just bcz of your stragel

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