News from August 2011

Renewing my strength and plans for the year ahead


Back in Burundi, Alison LOVED hosting the CMSI META team for 3 days last month and shares how God refreshed her back home this summer and about the year ahead.

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Alison_28_march_2011_001 Posted by Alison Gill on Fri, 02 Sep 2011 | Visit Alison Gill's blog

Kenya Today Newspaper: ‘A New Learning Gift for the Maasai Girl-Child’


An August edition of Kenya Today featured an article about the recent opening of the Oloosuyian Girls’ Secondary School in Kajiado Diocese and the partnership between the diocese and Limavady Grammar School in building this landmark institution.

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The newest nation in the world...


The newest nation in the world with plenty of challenges ahead; it’s a unique time to be here.

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Now comes the important bit...


The past 12 months have seen the different elements of Discover reaching their successful completion. Now comes the important bit…When this dynamic mission education resource is put to use in parishes, small groups and by individuals!

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Hard Work and Hope


Last week we said goodbye to Rukia, our housekeeper for the last 6 months. She was going off to college!

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Stepping Out...


Hidden away in the small town of Shyogwe just under two hours from the capital Kigali is a Rwandan diocese doing extrodinary things.It was here nestled in the south of the “land of a thousand hills” that I spent the 5 weeks of my STEP placement working alongside staff and students teaching English, French and first aid. Click here to read more from CMS Ireland STEP Volunteer Hazel White…

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Mothers' Union in Burundi: Making an Impact Through Economic Empowerment at Grass Roots Level


“The Mothers’ Union is determined to make its contribution to changing the situation in Burundi in order to see families free from poverty” says Claudette Kigeme, Mothers’ Union Coordindator. Our Global Partners in Burundi provide us with snapshots of how the Mothers’ Union in Burundi is making an impact in individual lives and in whole communities…

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Back to school?


For many of us, school is just a fond memory of the past on which we have closed the door. We are no longer obliged to stay up late finishing essays or spend time trying to learn our lessons. We have moved on and are busy living the rest of our lives. So, what would make a 57-year-old man give up a year of his life, move away from his job and his family, and pick up the books again?

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