Now comes the important bit...

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The past 12 months have seen the different elements of Discover reaching their successful completion. Having launched the DVD and discussion material last November, we published the book this spring and then launched the online shop. The writing, filming, editing, checking, designing, and fixing are finally done. Everything is in place.

Now comes the important bit…When this dynamic mission education resource is put to use in parishes, small groups and by individuals!

The priority now, and for the year ahead, is to promote Discover and encourage churches and small groups to make use of the material. It’s about helping people to engage with the biblical story of mission and explore the part they can play. And we passionately believe that Discover has the potential to do just that.

Visit the Discover Website for more information!

Discover has already been used by churches in a variety of different contexts and the feedback has been very positive. If you have been using Discover in your parish or small group, or as an individual, we would love to hear from you!

Here are just a few of the reviews that we have received…

Discover was used twice in main Sunday service in Whitechurch, with the rest of the series being done as part of a Lent study series, with about 10 people in the group each week. I personally liked the link between faith and action – it was a strong theme throughout the course and the topics made the participants think. The short films fit well with the context of public worship, as well as the small group setting.”
Rev Horace McKinley – Whitechurch Parish, Dublin

“We used Discover during Lent as a series of five small group sessions, held in my home. It worked very well indeed. The participants like having the mix of DVD and discussions and the films looked very well on a 40-inch flatscreen TV! This is an excellent course and is flexible enough to be used for a variety of types of group.”
_ Rev Eileen Cremin – Fermoy Parish, Co. Cork_

Discover…It’s about helping people to engage with the biblical story of mission and explore the part they can play.

“We ran a Discover series for a group of 8 – 12 people on Sunday Evenings during Lent and after Easter. It’s an excellent course and stimulated lots of discussion. We plan to use Discover in the Autumn with our home groups, which should indicate how highly I recommend it!”
_ Rev Peter McDowell, Garnerville Presbyterian Church, Belfast_

“I personally liked the link between faith and action” – Rev Horace McKinley – Whitechurch Parish, Dublin

Contact us with your reviews of Discover by email, Facebook, Twitter @cmsireland, post or telephone!

To find out more about Discover, simply click here to visit the Discover website.

We’re also hoping to organise a few ‘Introducing Discover’ events throughout Ireland. If you would be willing to host one of these events in your parish, please get in touch.

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