Trusting in Jesus who has overcome the world!

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I can hardly believe where the time has gone!

My visitors from Christian Prayer Ministries(CPM) UK left on Thursday and I’m now catching up.

It has been very challenging recently with the power situation which is getting worse and worse. In 5 days, I have only had 8 hours of power! This means the fridge and freezer are defrosted (and smelling), there’s no light, internet, hot water or TV etc. To write this letter I’ve had to go to King’s Conference Centre to get power and internet. The biggest challenge is food. Everything is going bad! I buy milk and a few hours later it’s bad. After a lot of advice and prayer I have decided to use some of my very minimal savings to buy a generator which will hopefully keep the fridge on plus a couple of lights and sockets. Otherwise life is grinding to a halt. I trust that if I leave I’ll be able to sell it and recoup some of what I pay for it.

Until mid September, I continued with 4 × 2 hr French lessons / week. It’s now reduced to 2 when I’m free which is not as good but it’s better than nothing.

Ages ago, my boss Onesphore asked me to train him and my Harvest colleagues in trauma healing. Cyrille and I did this on my veranda which went well although a little stressful having to host and organise food as well as do training. The gas ran out at one stage so I went hunting round town (5 shops) before I found a new cylinder during the training which wasn’t ideal. Onesphore would like the training to spread throughout the Harvest clubs (several in Bujumbura and one in each Province in the country) and be used in the Bible College which Harvest are building in Muramvya for grass roots pastors.

Cori, a friend from S Africa stayed for a week whilst doing post doc research. It was great to have time with her. I also hosted a 60th birthday party for Rosemary Cottingham who works for the Anglican Church and caught up with Simon Guillebaud whilst he was here. He’s a huge blessing to me.

One Sunday the FNL were responsible for a massacre in which over 41 died at a bar in Gatumba (nr the Congo border). They seem to have targeted the bar where a ruling party’s football team was present, in response to what they describe as extrajudicial killings of their members.

A very kind supporter has offered to fund a salary for me to have a colleague whose only role is trauma healing for 2 years. Harvest are interviewing this month. If you’d like to donate a laptop for Harvest to own and this person to use please be in touch.

On Sunday a rock hit my car windscreen as I drove from Rumonge to Buj smashing it (thank God it didn’t cave in) then on Tuesday it broke down and is now having a new head gasket, motor mount and investigation for why oil is leaking.

This month we’re doing trauma healing training in Kamenge (18th—20th). Then a team of 8 from my Church in Brockley are coming for a week. Hurray! I then hope to go to Nairobi early November for some de-briefing, supervision, rest and to see some Brockley friends.

CPM Training in Buj

Hugh and Elizabeth Baker, Chas Woods and Mike Preston stayed with me for 10 days whilst we had the CPM training for around 22 Christian leaders from Buj including. many from Harvest and Partners’ Trust Int.

There were 3 training days and then each person received a 3 hour personal prayer ministry appointment. Burundians and myself, who had attended last year’s training assisted with the prayer ministry.

One lady we prayed for who had shared much about her abusive childhood, testified that her husband noticed the change in her so clearly that he wanted his own ministry (he was able to have a brief appointment)! It was a very powerful time of seeing God work to bring deep healing in people’s lives. We discussed with Onesphore about the way forward and how this can be spread through Harvest.

Prayer Points

Praise for excellent CPM ministry and for all who received healing for deep wounds and were set free and able to forgive. Hallelujah! Pray for the training to be put into practise.

More sustained power and ability to function here.

Continued fluency in French (the language of my office).

*Development*of trauma healing training throughout Harvest and for the right person to be selected as to be permanently working in trauma healing. Thank God for the funding of this.

For a peaceful resolution between the ruling party and FNL.

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