‘The Student Life’

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Student life for our nursing and lab students is quite restricted. They are not allowed to sleep outside the hostels without permission, to do so could result in being expelled. Girls and boys are strictly NOT allowed into the hostels of the opposite sex. The diet is repetitive, with meat once a week (mind you staff only get it once a month!) and you must follow a certain dress code which includes a skirt only rule for the girls, no trousers allowed. Practical placements and theory are crammed into a two and half year course covering everything from general medicine, surgery, community, midwifery, paediatrics, psychiatry, palliative care, pharmacology and the list goes on. I honestly don’t think I would pass the course as it is so intense. Holidays consist of 4 weeks in the year.

This week our third year nursing students are doing their State Finals. Today I met with a few of the students and we chatted about their plans after the exams are over. One is hoping to get a job in Kiwoko, one is on Government sponsorship and therefore is at the mercy of the Government as to where she will be sent to work (probably somewhere remote where no one will go unless sent), in payment for her school fees having been covered. The final girl is heading home to look for jobs in her local area. They are students who are genuine God seekers and are all excited about finishing their training, yet anxious about the transition from student to staff and the responsibility which that will bring. Another concern is adjusting to a life without timetables, rules about dress code or where they travel to and with whom – will they stay strong in the face of freedom and temptations?

It has been really gratifying over the last couple of years to see our past students make the transition successfully to practicing nurses and take their place as part of the community within the hospital. One such student (now staff) is Joseph. He first came to my attention at our wedding reception with a performance to one of the Back Street Boys songs! Joseph is now an Enrolled Comprehensive Nurse working on our busy female ward, and embracing the responsibility that goes with the job. What is more encouraging is that Joseph has continued with his involvement in the wider life and community of Kiwoko, by reaching out to children through Leadership of the Esuubi (Hope) Club. The hospital is not just about having a paying job to him; instead he is interested in sharing Christ through morning prayers, leading praise and indeed reaching out to the staff children. As much as we want to have an excellent training reputation for the courses we run, we also want to equip the students for life in and beyond the workplace, even for places which do not have a Christian emphasis.

We hope that many of the past students like Joseph will go on over the years to become future leaders within the professional and community life of Kiwoko.

Please pray for our students as they leave the ‘nest’. Please also say a prayer for the more junior ones who are left behind as they struggle through the rigors of the course, some struggling also with personal issues and the constant worry about paying school fees.



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