He swims with leeches

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Denise’s blog last month regarding her dactylic decoration excited some interest. Gideon’s involvement in such activities didn’t pass so many by either.

So I thought that I’d better add on some more – not that I also have taken to painting my toenails as some have suggested, but that Gideon was swimming with leeches at the weekend. Not I grant you that there is a direct link with toe nail decoration and leech attraction/repulsion (as far as I know, but perhaps such research if well conducted could lend itself to publication in a future Christmas edition of the BMJ?)

Gideon and I were swimming in water which was slightly murky. For all the grandmothers reading this – fear not, there were probably not that many bugs present. He takes a few minutes to get into the water usually, but then is unstoppable. He obviously has not fully mastered things such as floating, but with his father supporting his tummy he moves his arms and legs and believes that he is propelling himself across the surface of the water. Usually his yelps of glee do not result in swallowing any of the water due to careful positioning from his coach. On returning home he demonstrated his swimming technique to Denise in the plastic basin in which he has his evening bath – and she was certainly convinced.

In case the title has you reaching for the phone to contact social services – fear not, no wound or creature made it to Gideon. However his father experienced four of the blighters latching on to his legs! One big one had a good drink and after being detached demonstrated well the anticoagulant properties it possesses as the small wound took many minutes to stop bleeding. I also noted the anaesthetic properties when a well meaning local applied some methylated spirits to the wound as his guaranteed cure for the persisting bleeding. (Which incidentally didn’t help much, although as already noted at least it wasn’t at all painful due to the local anaesthesia.)

So I’m not planning to stake Gideon out and have the leeches feed on him to help him get over the last remnants of his chicken pox. Indeed I have even used my legs as bait to see if the particular pool is now free of leeches so it will be ‘safe’ for him to swim in as I suspect he would be upset at a finger of slime attached to his leg. But just in case any of our friends/Godparents were growing concerned that his development was lopsided – it is probably just as delightfully rounded as his parents!

Many thanks from Gideon and ourselves for everyone who sent greetings or gifts. We are really blessed that so many people support us and help us care for Gideon Mugisha.

Happy New Year.

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