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After so many years as a Christian, I still feel overwhelmed and surprised when God does something miraculous in my life. Getting registered with the Uganda Nursing and Midwifery Council had seemed like an unlikely event for at least another couple of years because of the 8 week internship programme and the practicalities involved. However yesterday I returned from Kampala having fulfilled all the criteria and I am now registered in Uganda as a Registered Nurse and Paediatric Nurse! I am ecstatic. I feel like I can teach with confidence now and I will be able to follow the students onto the wards and do some clinical instruction. God is so good. After all the worry and hassle over the process, it appears to have happened with complete ease – it can only be God as work!

The staff at the hospital have also been great, helping to orientate me to nursing in Uganda, my thanks go out to them too. Rory and Gideon have supported my change of work routine for the last 8 weeks too – what a team! Now we can get back to some semblance of normality again – for a while anyway.

On another note the Kiwoko Chase is scheduled to take place on the 20th August. The last time I took part I was pregnant with Gideon. Hard to believe. This year the ladies route is a little bit shorter than the men’s route. Despite the training I think it will personally be tough enough. However I still have some time left to train further. Gideon and Rory are entered as walkers, along with Joyce our childminder. It is usually a really lovely day full of community spirit and climaxes with food – two pieces of beef on a skewer and a chapatti, washed down with a soda (fizzy drink). Yummy! I wonder what they will do for Tania, (also entered as a runner,) she is vegetarian!

On Monday we have another group of nursing students doing their Hospital Finals. This year due to changes in the government academic calendar, we have two groups qualifying, the previous group having finished in May this year. On Monday and Tuesday they have written papers, and then Wednesday is the practical. The students have to complete 10 stations, of procedures/health education talks/examinations etc. They have 5 minutes in each station, so they really have to be alert and ready for anything. Please pray for the students as it is a tough week for them. If they are successful with the Hospital Finals they then can sit the State Finals in November.

In addition, last week female ward moved into their new residence – the newly refurbished ward that used to be maternity ward. The staff are delighted to be in a semi-purpose built ward with much more space, light, storage and cleaning facilities. Nakatto is also delighted with her new ‘room.’ Sadly the wife of one of the older members of St John’s passed away on the ward on Friday evening – Mrs Livingstone. They had been married for 62 years. In the midst of so many good things, we are still surrounded with challenges and while our goal is to care for all, sadly that doesn’t mean that all can receive physical healing.

So lots of good things as you can see, but plenty of other things to keep us busy.

Thanks for the love, support and prayers.

Denise, Gideon and Rory.


Lois Bird said Thu, 01 Sep 2011 08:25PM
Congratulations, Denise. You have done so well in your studies especially with little Gideon to care for as well. I enjoy all your blogs including Gideon's!! Although I am not a qualified nurse, I've had a lot of experience at basic nursing. If you could use a spare pair of hands around the ward to help with the patients and to release the qualified nurses for more important things, I am willing to come over at my expense. Please get back to me when you have time. God's blessings, Lois

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