Light in the shadows

Posted by Roger Cooke on Fri, 10 Feb 2012 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Bishop Mouneer writes:

“As I write this message, Egypt is undergoing a very, very difficult time. It looks as if the country is experiencing labour pains which may end up by the birth of a new baby, a new democratic Egypt. But it could also be the pains prior to a stillbirth, or an abortion!

“Many people believe that this massacre was arranged by the old regime. Whatever the reason, this very sad massacre provoked anger all over Egypt which led to widespread demonstrations and violence in several provinces.

“People are calling for the transfer of government from the Military Council to a civil one. We as a church have decided to keep our churches open for prayer during this time. The major challenge that lies ahead of us now is the writing of the new constitution and who will be involved in this?

“Under the shadow of these dark clouds, St. Mark’s Pro-Cathedral in Alexandria organized a three-day revival meeting that involved praise, teaching and prayer for Egypt. Over 800 people attended these meetings and 130 signed up for the Alpha Course.

“On 14th February, All Saints Cathedral in Cairo will host representatives from all different denominations who will gather to pray for unity. Also on 21st February, heads of denominations will gather again to discuss the establishment of the Egypt Council of Churches.

“Please join us in prayer for Egypt, for the stability of the country, for those who will write the new constitution, for safety and protection for all, and for the unity of the church.”

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