It’s not because I love bubbles

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God has made rules for us to obey. To varying degrees most of us have a sense that they are there to spoil our fun, or at least they are more for the benefit of the community and others more than ourselves.

Gideon loves bubbles – the sort you blow from a mixture of washing up liquid in a little jar. Commercial containers can be bought (Ben 10 bubbles seem the best option in Kampala just now) and when they are used up, Daddy can use his alchemy to prepare some more in the container until the blowing stick gets lost in the garden. Joyce (who looks after Gideon) excels in the art of blowing bubbles from laundry soap on her hands. Gideon imaginatively demonstrates his ability to do the same, but like his father, for him this seems at present an un-mastered skill.

Unfortunately Gideon has however mastered the skill required in unscrewing the top of such containers, and given the window of freedom will do so and pour the contents over the floor. As we are usually outside this is not particularly inconvenient – but for the fact that our bubbles supply is limited (fairy liquid or the like is unavailable in Kiwoko) and often the suspension on the floor is all that was remaining.

Last night I found myself telling Gideon off – such that he was upset after he emptied the container over the kitchen floor. The mess on the floor wasn’t a big deal (the floor was cleaner after the incident than previously). However my disappointment was based on the fact that I know Gideon really enjoys his bubbles and he hasn’t yet connected pouring them on the floor with not having bubbles to enjoy. He understood my displeasure, and so far has not repeated the pouring performance (though his options to do so have been limited.)

I was ruminating upon the incident – being told off for pouring one’s bubbles on the floor. My disapproval was not based upon some natural law forbidding the wastage of bubbles, or for the loss of difficult-to-obtain washing up liquid, but I was disappointed – on behalf of Gideon that he would not have more bubbles to enjoy for now. His telling off was not to shape his character to keep away from such heinous sin in the future – it was to try and educate him so that he can have bubbles to enjoy in the future.

Our God loves us more than we love ourselves – far more. He knows even better than us what we enjoy, what is good for us and what is bad for us. He wants good things to happen to us -even more than we do. Being omniscient clearly is an advantage in Him knowing, really knowing, what is best for us, what will make us really happy, what will make us laugh and feel deeply content. But He doesn’t force us to do what is best for us, to do what we would really enjoy, any more than I can force Gideon to eat Stilton because some day I know he will appreciate how delectable it is.

Compared to the activities of an omnipotent omnipresent God, the most dramatic events of our lives cannot even be as good as blowing bubbles, yet how fantastic that He has interest in trying to direct us to live our lives here to the full. How unfortunate that I often am suspicious of His motives to spoil my fun, and in consequence keep wasting my bubbles and missing out on the good things available for me.

I’m sure for all reading this who live with children this is something you’ve noticed repeatedly – but in case anyone in the world hadn’t noticed this recently, I hope it is of some interest.

Hoping that you too have many and varied bubbles to enjoy today.


Clive Buttimer said Thu, 08 Mar 2012 07:03PM
Hello My wife and I have been working in Luweero for the last 6 months, we are good friends with Chris and Judy Peters, they asked to say hello if we ran into you, that hasn't happened so decided to be a bit proactive, feel free to get in touch. Clive & Carolyn Buttimer

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