The media value of human life

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Yesterday evening (6th March) Paul, our watchman, had been attending the local news and told me the horrific story that a truck had overturned not very far from where we are (10km from Arua town). This morning it turned out that the heavily overloaded lorry went through a small bridge and overturned into dam used for hydroelectric power. Already 27 deaths are confirmed, with 9 wounded, out of what was said to be 70 passengers on the lorry. Many were women returning from a market.

It is believed that the 34 missing passengers are still under the cargo from the lorry which will need to be lifted first with a heavy crane (normally not available in Arua) which probably has to come from Kampala (about 500 km from Arua).

Before I continue I hope you will pray for all the bereaved families, of which some have lost even 3 or more people from their family.

It was over a year ago that 27 people died in a bus accident in our region. I didn’t read a thing about it in the media outside Uganda. And up to now the same has happened in this case. It makes me sad to see so clearly that the value of human life here is so much lower than in many other places in the world, but it seems to be the naked truth.

Aart and Geesje den Breejen

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