Where's my rib?

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Where’s my Rib?

Maybe some of you reading this have heard that statement before? But I assume most of you are like me who learnt it for the first time a few months ago. Referring to how God took a rib of Adams and made his perfect partner, Eve, from it, the question is essentially asking who your perfect partner is.

This was the title of a weekend event we were involved with at the Nurse Training School at Kiwoko. The school has around 160 students studying to be nurses or laboratory assistants. They are aged between 18 and 25 and are from all over Uganda. Last year we ran a week long mission for them and gave them the opportunity each evening to ask any question they wanted. The majority of the questions were on issues of relationships and so our team decided this year we needed to focus on this subject.

On the Friday evening we opened with the introduction of how God had created man and women to be in relationship together and the ideal of marriage. On Saturday we had a day of seminars dealing with the issues that sin brought into relationships. One seminar was Sexual Purity and Sexual Sin, the second was Dating and Courtship, and the final was choosing a Partner. On the Saturday night we focused on forgiveness and hope and making positive decisions for the future. It was really encouraging to see how much the students engaged in the seminars and confirmed for us how vital it was that these topics were being dealt with.

It may seem like these students were too old to be only hearing these issues from a Christian perspective now; wasn’t it too late? However we discovered from the Ugandan staff we were working alongside how the church here would often give strict instructions regarding rules before marriage but no help and advice. So these students would know what they shouldn’t do but not why they shouldn’t or any of the benefits in following these commandments. It is our hope that many students discovered this weekend the beauty of finding the partner that God intended for them and waiting for them.

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