UK break, All Nations, pastoral visit and training

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So much seems to be happening / about to happen that I’ve struggled to get to sleep for the last 2 nights! My head is very full. This letter is rather belated as I was on a wonderfully refreshing break over Easter in the UK (thanks to a generous friend paying my flights). I returned to Burundi on 16th with much to praise Jesus for; but with some things that are weighing heavily on my heart—particularly difficulties many friends seem to be having.

Whilst in the UK I had an interview at All Nations Christian College (see below), a meeting with iNet plus time with family, friends and a retreat. Thankfully I also had an appointment with my GP who said I had scabies! I had been itching like mad for 3 months. It was a huge relief to be diagnosed and treated. The GP had a good chuckle to herself as she said she hadn’t seen someone with scabies in years! We presume it was due to me staying in some less than salubrious guest houses for work in Burundi.

In March, I was so blessed to receive a second visit from Brockley Community Church’s leader and my good friend, Andy. It was partly pastoral, including an excellent review and planning with Onesphore and partly for Andy to give some input to Harvest, including at our retreat and with his Wellbeing course for Harvest club members in Bujumbura. Brockley’s relationship with Harvest and Burundi has been growing and this visit really cemented things whilst the Lord gave us much vision and passion for the future.

The Muramvya trauma healing training I asked you to pray for went extremely well. Onesphore and his wife Innocente, celebrated the birth of their third child, Daniel who is gorgeous.

Flame International arrived on Saturday, 21st April for 2 weeks of mission in Muyinga and Bujumbura Dioceses. Abel and a volunteer, Jean Pierre, will accompany them to Muyinga; I will stay with Cyrille and finish prep for their training in Bujumbura which we are organising: 100 church leaders for the first 3 days; then 50 leaders for the remaining 2 days’ prayer ministry workshop.

Study break at All Nations Christian College from Sept till June ‘13

I love working in Burundi and seeing God move here, but on a personal level living here has been for me both the best and hardest of times. Last year, whilst on retreat, I asked the Lord if I should continue in Burundi ‘til I could cope no longer or leave in summer ‘12—after 3.5 yrs— but potentially regret it. Thankfully God is more creative and I felt Him remind me that after Simon G’s first 3 yrs in Burundi, his mentors recommended he went to All Nations Christian College ( for refreshment and input. God gave me Is 43:18-19, saying this was His plan for me at All Nations.

iNet, Brockley, Harvest and I prayed and discussed for 6 months until we felt confirmation of what God was saying. I have now been accepted to do a diploma there from Sept. in theology and intercultural studies. I will continue to support my colleagues in Burundi via skype etc. and will visit after Easter next yr. A British missionary family will rent my house in Buj. for the year. I plan to return to live in Burundi in Aug. ‘13. Please pray for this.

Prayer points:

- Praise for excellent Easter break in UK and place at All Nations.

- Pray I do all I need to during these next 2 months in Burundi, have much energy and good times people.

- God’s wisdom as to what to do with my car (which has broken down again and doesn’t seem worth repairing) plus my transport needs for next 2 months.

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