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Local people are still showing up and offering to help, which is heart-warming to see and certainly makes what we’re trying to accomplish more worthwhile. Their being here also motivates us and can push us that bit harder with regards to ensuring the church is finished in time for the dedication. An example of this was seen and felt during one warm afternoon by one particular team member who was feeling tired and disheartened by the amount of painting still left to complete. That is until a lady with a baby strapped to her back bent down beside him, picked up a paintbrush and indicated that she would work alongside him to complete that particular section of the church. After witnessing this, how can anyone personally feel, or even complain, about being tired, if there is a lady standing beside them painting whilst carrying a sleeping child. This may simply be considered a clash of cultures, but what mattered was knowing that we are not alone and can rely on others for support, no matter where they come from. We are all in this together.

Indeed, there has been a real feeling of partnership during this mission and it’s been amazing to watch the interaction between team members and the local community. We only have to look at Stanley and the easy manner in which he communicates with the local community as an example of this. Stanley, who is now on his third visit to the area, feels so much at ease with the people of Imberikani and Oltiasika, that by watching him interact with local people is almost like watching brothers or life-long friends catch up on news and enjoy a laugh with each other.

The ability to interact and communicate with the people of Imberikani in a friendly manner has in turn led to another important aspect – enjoyment. Painting large sections of walls or repeatedly turning out pews could hardly be described as thrilling, so it’s essential that there is an abundant supply of light-hearted banter. And make no mistake, there are plenty of people on the team that can provide this, Chris, Steven, and Jackie being the main culprits. Laughter has often been described as the best medicine, but it is also one of the best methods of breaking down barriers, and our friends in Imberikani can deal out just as much humour as the rest of us. After all, even if the purpose of this mission can be regarded as a serious one, we don’t necessarily have to let our seriousness affect our personality too. God give us humour for a reason, so why not use it as a tool for bonding with the local community. So far its worked!


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