Changing the mindset of people in Ibba

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I am Mr. Kennedy Wandera Osuri, a Kenyan 25 years of age working as a facilitator at the Christ Church Development and Training Center in the Diocese of Ibba.

I am a qualified teacher in English Language and Literature. Having left Nairobi-Kenya which is my country of residence, where life is comfortable with everything at my reach to come and work with Bishop Wilson Kamani in changing the mindset of people in Ibba, it gives me a great and rare opportunity in shaping someone’s future. I am part and parcel of the education programme in Ibba Diocese because my sole responsibility is to upgrade the social status of our people of Ibba.

Intensive English Course at the Christ Church Development and Training Center in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan the Diocese of Ibba is a pillar of hope and visible change to the residents of Ibba.

Having been initiated with an aim of changing people’s mindset and therefore build their capacity, Intensive English course has demonstrated to students what education means and what one is capable of getting with education. It has two different streams i.e. A and B,A accommodates students who are a little bit at the advanced stage who can read, understand and write effectively while B accommodates students whose capability needs to be sharpened a little bit and therefore if well assured of their progress are enrolled in Stream A.

English Language taught here is divided into different skills intended to impart the right knowledge and skills to the students both orally and written. These are listening and speaking skills, writing skills, reading both oral and written, literature both oral and written and leadership and management skills. Therefore, these skills nurtures a learner effectively in being able to listen and then speak when required, communicate well, put thoughts on paper, pronounce words well and have ability to critically think on what has been said, be able to lead by example and being good stewards of resources appropriately.

The students at Christ Church bear great potential that needs to be tapped into in order to help the community a great deal. It was really difficult for me to facilitate the students. It was hard for me to quickly adapt to their level. It required some adjustment in terms of language use and approach which was very key. Our learners could not read a one-paged excerpt or even a whole sentence. This really hindered the smooth facilitation of the course. Our learners had it hard to understand what education means and how repeatedly it is commonly referred to as a key that unlocks ones potential. Furthermore, they had a negative attitude towards education because they believed education was just a reserve for the rich. This mentality largely held back their understanding and could not allow them anticipate for more than what they had.

A good number of them bear a huge responsibility of fending for their families as sole bread winners. It therefore, means that some of the domestic duties would not be attended to. It was somehow difficult in accepting and contending with the reality of being in school. Being in school demanded much of their patience, courage, hard work and determination to move a step closer to mending the torn strips of their promising future.

It required a resourceful person to help in translation at the inception of the course. Translation from English language to local dialect seemed tough because it was time consuming and unreliable mode of communication.
It is now worthy to assert that Intensive English Course has had and continues to be a major boost to the people of Ibba. Students have actually come to their sense and they are like bees flocking to the flowers for scent. They can communicate fluently and they no longer require translation from anyone. They can read and interpret critically both oral and written literature including bible without difficulty. They also have major plans for their education and they have vowed not to pursue anything else apart from education. They have learnt to value and cherish individual’s participation without prejudice, living together as one in one body of Christ.

A good example is Mr. Wilson Tetela; apart from being a student, is a community most prominent young leader. He is ever willing to even study during night hours if given an opportunity to make each single day useful because he believes this is a rare opportunity he has got.

Their core objective now is aimed at learning to enrich the society through self-reliance, offering opportunities through which ignorance, illiteracy and over-dependence would be burdens of the past.

Thank you
Kennedy Wandera
Intensive English Course.

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