I guess it rains down in Africa...

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Sene furoni dundoka! Greetings to all of you!

Our experience in Ibba continues to be blessed and directed by God, who has shown us so much, thank you all for your prayers!

Billy and Dennis have been having a great time teaching in the Vocational school and have really enjoyed their experience and the time with their pupils, who have been very eager to learn.

They have also been busy with hard labour resurrecting solar panels for use and installing electric to the Bishops house and other places. Billy has been especially useful in this department and the locals have picked up a few helpful ideas from him, he can turn his hand to anything!

Dennis continues to lead us in morning devotions with wonderful food for thought first thing in the morning and I know we have all felt encouraged and challenged by his words. Keep ’er lit Den!

Diane has transformed into Wonder Woman – nothing is too much of a task for her !

She has been preaching and leading evening devotions (I think St John’s could do with a curate at the mo?) and has been building great relationships with the people here who seem to flock to her for chat and laughter on a daily basis. She has also been keeping us boys in line, making sure we have been taking our vitamins, and providing us with an endless supply of Fruit pastilles!

David continues to fly the flag as the lone Chelsea supporter in a diocese seemingly full of Man U gents – but he loves a challenge! He has been busy visiting various archdeaconries and spending time with Bishop Wilson regarding future developments.

Sunday was a great day as we were all in different parishes ‘ridin’ solo’ – scary but amazing! We preached and shared stories from our experience so far as well as bringing greetings from N Ireland – the local people love to hear all about our families and life in N Ireland.

I had a a wonderful day today with the youth of the Cathedral who made me the most amazing garland yet! I was entertained by 5 different youth choirs, joined in on the dancing and singing (obviously) and shared God’s Word from Romans 8 and told them all about the youth ministry in N Ireland and beyond. I also had time to teach them a few songs and dances of my own !

The past few days we have also experienced weather like none of us have seen or heard before (well me anyway!) in thunder and lightning and rain – so loud and amazing to watch and hear, really reminds me of how powerful God is, lighting up the sky and rain battering off the tin roof – really mad stuff!

As we approach the time to come home soon please pray that God will continue to speak to us and through us in these last few days.

God bless and thank you for all your prayers we feel very protected and blessed.


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Maude & Jennifer said Mon, 13 Aug 2012 07:23PM
Diane we like your new blue hat, it suits you. You both look wonderful and seem to having a great time. Maude and I are discussing a Victorian crown , which if worth a lot will come in handy for the next Ibba trip. Looking forward to seeing you very soon xxxxx God bless

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