MAF to the rescue...

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Thanks to the logistician at Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Uganda the items were purchased and delivered by the Maridi MAF flight yesterday (Tuesday).
As soon as the parts arrived Billy and Dennis got to work repairing the vehicle and by last night had solar lights working in 2 rooms at the Guesthouse.

Today is our last full day in Ibba and the team are in no way slowing down their relentless pace in preparation for departure. Already today Billy has gone to Maridi to do some welding and repair a puncture on the Bishop’s car.

Dennis is doing some electrical installation at the Bishop’s house, Diane has been to the Clinic (and a hair salon) with the Bishop to pray for the patients and has written a blog, Simon is busy taking photos and preparing presents and I’ve been meeting with the Bishop about the future strategy of the Diocese.

In the last 24 hours so much has happened, the 14 bicycles arrived for the Mothers’ Union, thanks to Ballyrashane and Kildollagh Parishes; MAF delivered the parts; Simon taught at the CMS Ireland supported St Peter’s Primary School, teaching Irish history of all things; Diane has been working in the Health Centre; Dennis and Billy have been teaching students, been under the Bishop’s car and doing the electrical work and I’ve been watching on in amazement! (not really)

Late afternoon Manikakara and Ibba Central Archdeaconries put on a football match – a local derby, with a Cup for the winners supplied by the Commissioner. Dennis played on the Manikarka team and I had to don an Arsenal strip and play for Ibba (not easy for a Chelsea supporter). The match was taken extremely seriously with disallowed goals, a sending off and after a 1-1 draw penalties. Manikaraka deservedly won the cup to much celebration and the Commissioner presented the inaugural trophy to much delight.

Last night we enjoyed having solar powered lights in 2 out of the 3 rooms, thanks to Billy and Dennis’s work. After another meaningful time of evening worship under the stars, led by Simon then it was off to bed.

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