God continues to open my mind

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I am Mr. Wilson Tetela, a South Sudanese 36 years of age. A resident of ibba. I am a young prominent and promising leader and a businessman. Having been born in Ibba County at a time when war was rocking the country hard, I lost out absolutely in being in school. As a result, I went to an exile in Congo and then came back in 1998. While in exile, I could not access any learning institution thus growing up as an illiterate.

I decided doing a small-scale business in order to take care of my family but I could not manage it appropriately because I always found it hard to deal with financial matters as a result of poor management. This led to a collapse of my business.

Being a married man with four children, I have a huge responsibility to provide food on the table because most of the time I am in school. I look at this responsibility and still get time to be in school.

In 2010, I decided to go for an English Course in Yambio, South Sudan to sharpen my understanding. In 2011, I again got enrolled in the Christ’s Church Development and Training Centre for an Intensive English Course to pursue my certificate in English Language and Leadership and Management.

I have and continue to work closely with the Diocese of ibba as an active youth Co-ordinator. This is how God continues to open my mind and understanding. I have really learnt a lot from this training centre. I reached here, I couldn’t pronounce words correctly, it was hard for me to understand my teachers. I had always negative feelings towards education. But now through regular training, I can sincerely say that I have learnt a lot. I am growing up knowing very well that it is only through education that many windows of opportunities would open to me. I am willing to go extra miles to effectively equip myself to boost my competence in the new nation.

After the English course, if given an opportunity would be most grateful to enroll myself in other institutions for higher education. I am an open-minded person who appreciates individual’s performance and this makes us to live in harmony.

Mr Wilson Tetela
A student, Intensive English Course, Ibba Diocese


Kennedy Wandera said Fri, 17 Aug 2012 12:56PM
I absolutely feel encouraged and elated through your maiden work. May God continue brimming blessings in your families.

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